Peter Kislig

(d) a book to fall in love with and give even just before Christmas appeared: volatile close “- a book to fall in love with and give dark off, unknown depths fought himself through dense clouds, first tentatively rising, then all bonds ripping, an exultant it comes, it comes dizzy heights, until a hidden other […]

Poetic Literary Community

The country has become our society, even to herself – fear of death, but more afraid of life. Fatigue – this is something innate in us. Tired of being read in the movements and actions of our children. Fatigue, for pragmatic arguments of the mature generation. Fatigue, as premature aging, early emasculatory all passionate, poetic […]

Audiobook New Release

A Horvergungen with many original interviews, announcements and music for 4 hours will take the new acoustic journey along the Rhine from the Berlin audiobook Publisher geophone. With many interviews, sounds and music, a portrait of cultural landscapes on the Rhine in the homely living room will be conjured up with the Audiobook. Others who […]