Bundestag Title

New release, Alex de. -It is time, after the successful launch of the album, Alex de. -Best of, comes from the 27.02.2013 after this extraordinary short amount of time, it will advance as a download on the market time. The title, it is time, a song from the rock production of the Alex de. just […]

Choral Music: A Brief Introduction

A choir is a group of people singing and art simultaneously. Marc King has many thoughts on the issue. The choral singing is a form of collective expression of mankind’s oldest, through the instrument that incorporates the purest and most accurate of all: the human voice. If you sing different melodies or lines at a […]

The Rifles – Tour

The rifles use a flag for truly good music. The time is finally ripe for the rifles. The rifles are far, since they two years ago released their debut album “No Love lost” published. To put it briefly: you were constantly on tour and brought their music among the people as was their great hero, […]