World Championships

Erhard sports is the new partner of Stuttgarter kickers Rothenburg o.d.T., Stuttgart (RL) the House color by Erhard sport is red VfB red, to be exact. Nevertheless, the renowned sports equipment outfitter from Franconia is was July 1, new partner of the Stuttgarter kickers, the blue. How can that be? It is red and blue […]

How To Improve Your Posture Through Pilates

If you want to forget about problems with posture, the method for controlling body – Pilates – this is what you need. Where did this method? It was invented by Joseph Pilates, who as a child, frail and sickly child, dreamed of becoming a strong and sturdy. Having tried a variety of sports, Pilates developed […]

Pole Position When Eric Comeback

com London/Berlin, 03 August 2009 the sensation in formula 1 is perfect: Michael Schumacher will return to Ferrari and will appear on August 23, 2009 for the injured Felipe Massa at the Grand Prix in Valencia. Thousands of German fans will extend their vacation to be with the comeback of record world champion on the […]