Civil Construction

Weak points – Lack of qualified man power in the area of sewing of the industry; – Absence of strategical Planning: the company does not have future vision; – Absence of spreading of the product: the spreading of the product is made by mouth the mouth. Chances – Growth of the sector of Civil Construction, […]

Tips For Buying A Property Real Estate

Before beginning a process of buying a home is to make sure that this is fully in order to be sure not to meet with surprises once we start with the signing of the contract. In the case of resale properties important steps to follow are: "Check the seller's ownership for what needs to request […]

Tips For Buying A Home

One of the most important investments in the life of a person is buying a home. Therefore, we must be clear all the steps to take in every moment and know what you're doing. The Spanish Mortgage Association has published a guide which explains the process. Here are some concepts that need to know: CHOOSE […]