Tips For Buying A Property Real Estate

Before beginning a process of buying a home is to make sure that this is fully in order to be sure not to meet with surprises once we start with the signing of the contract. In the case of resale properties important steps to follow are: "Check the seller's ownership for what needs to request the deed to the property with a note of registration in the registry. Once done we will make sure that the seller is actually the owner of the property and as such has the power to sell it. "We must also check the status of housing costs, which we apply a simple note to the Land Registry, our bank is responsible for conducting such verification as to the steps that are necessary for the firm. "We must ensure that the apartment is not rented, and if paid the final tax bills and assessments for the community of owners.

"It's also good to ask for a copy of the Statutes of the Community to learn about new rights and obligations. And verify that there are no extraordinary expenditures which do not have to take over as new owner. The costs arising from the sale belong to the buyer, except goodwill. Among the expenses that we must take from the sale of second hand property are the Transfer Tax (ITP), this is applied to the purchase price that is indicated in the deed of sale. His charge is different depending on the Autonomous Community may even vary within the same according to circumstances.

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