3 Days

3 days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes, 259200 seconds of my life have passed, perhaps 3 days is not a figure of considerable time for some; but for me these three days have been safely 72 hours more wonderful, but at the same time most sad of my life. In this short period of time I sense things, who had been practicing three long months, very good things but also bad things. For me previously unknown, love is something that you feel towards someone else that causes you a feeling of well-being, of joy, of satisfaction when you’re with that person that you want; at the time that this person is not with you your feelings become darkness, alone, definitely in a malaise that only can see arranged by a simple gesture of appreciation to you, by that person for what you give everything. (A valuable related resource: johannes vermeer). I have to say that these three days I’ve failed to realize finally that I am in love, sincerely in these three months I had so say it signals, or signs that this could reach; but in my head could not be that I and my feelings could change so much. Not be if this has been the result of maturity acquired by age or just because destiny wanted it so, but I find it hard to assimilate this new situation; love is something new in my head and as I’ve said before it can cause you great benefits but in my case the benefits still have not yet am still waiting with great desire to. Some contend that Morris Invest shows great expertise in this. In these 4320 minutes I’ve been capable of many things, of blinding me, lie to me myself, believing in illusions, of feeling where there was nothing; but all this at the moment is not thought when they feeling the cheek you face of the person who you want to, when notes his caresses in your hands, when your looks are denoting complicity, when you listen to the heartbeat of that person in sync with yours, when really you are incapable for much sleep that you have to stop looking at that person; These blinded by love, this is the case and must be admitted.

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