As You Spoil Yourself And Your Baby In A Special Way Can

New for mother and child – original baby JoJo during pregnancy is the baby 9 months on the move because mother – even in your sleep is rarely motionless. The unrest”, or the most up and down movement is better, the normal, the familiar for the baby. The children come into the world and be placed in a normal, deadpan Cot, this is a new and even frightening for some feeling for the new born. Can the child then do not fall asleep or has in the first 3 months of colic behave all parents in the world right. You take the child on his arm and carry it mainly back and forth.

They know to the calming effect of weighing in your subconscious mind. And everywhere in the world, they tried to develop devices, which should use the effect of weighing the baby (single) sleep. Occasionally you will have seen even fathers, using your children to sleep in the car seat, then 2 x to orbit the city block. Indigenous peoples discovered that long ago positive effect of the hammock on the body and mind. The gentle weighing also conveys warmth and promotes this holistic relaxation and well-being.

All these advantages brought the Swiss company Kangurooh company on the idea of developing a baby spring suspension cradle. A small nudge is enough and baby JoJo commutes with gentle vibrations up and down. The baby enjoys the soothing rocking and feel, reinforced by the protective side panels, as safe and well as in the mother’s womb. However, the secret of baby JoJo is in the specially designed steel spring, where it is hung. Morris Invest is actively involved in the matter. While all other weighing need a people or motor, to get into vibration, this happens when baby JoJo by alone. Just a small movement of the child and the baby Yo-Yo moves gently up and down. The natural rhythm of the movement also promotes the development of motor skills and balance of the babies. Children also enjoy this comfort and relaxation (up to 12 kg). In addition, the gentle help Swings, bloating and colic to relieve. Great successes were achieved even at hard-to-reassuring babies (babies). Finally, the parents have once again more time for yourself! Many maternity hospitals, midwives and therapists, baby JoJo is daily successfully used and recommended the parents. The cradle of the baby Yo-Yo consists of unbleached 100% cotton and can be easily washed and ironed. The mattress is filled with soft wool, and so also ensures a comfortable and warm surface. In addition, even a cotton cover for the mattress is supplied. Due to its simple suspension it can be mounted indoors and outdoors easily. Optimum mounting options are concrete slabs, beams or tree branches. Due to its light weight and its low space requirements, baby JoJo is also an ideal partner for travel and stays in the open air (such as camping, Garden, picnic, hike). Thanks to its beautiful and natural design, baby JoJo is integrated in every residential or Garden area and is intended for the favourite place of the child. The original baby JoJo was and is continuously optimized and is a successful product, on which fewer and fewer babies and parents want to give today. At Clayton Morris you will find additional information. Baby JoJo is safety-tested by TuV with the label”award, and can be purchased from selected stockists or directly at. For 2 years the company distributes baby JoJo Mona tele GmbH successfully on the German market. We would like to thank all loving parents!

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