The weekend I met my friends (in Argentina on Sunday was celebrated on the friend) and the economy could not be absent among the topics of conversation … One of my friends asked me about inflation in Brazil and I did not understand how continued to rise, if I said they were implementing the right policies to curb rising prices … another of my friends, with some training in economics said: "There are countries like Argentina, which are actually doing very little effort to contain inflationary pressures. Nevertheless, their inflation rates are stable in the single digits despite inflationary pressures increase throughout the world … Strange, huh? "… The first thing I managed to say in the case of Argentina was something like:" This phenomenon is happening in Argentina is explained in a way that is unique through its suspected price indices that are generating more of a visual distortion as well, causes underestimation of the levels of poverty and destitution while overestimating the growth of the economy.

As with the famous hand of Diego Maradona against England, it seems that there is another hand (not so famous), making mischief in the indices of Indec. Thus, the Argentines to believe that the economy everything runs smoothly when it is time that the economy has been derailed. " On the future, I tried not to be pessimistic: "So far, Argentina's economy up as if he had put on autopilot as it does not show much reaction to the various problems that have emerged.

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