Brown Lagoon

Furs, either synthetic or natural, give a touch of style anywhere, either in the furniture, decoration or any garment and complement. In live, we wanted to convey the elegance of the skin applied to construction materials getting a pavement with a chic design, in line with the new trends. In addition, the skin applied to design fits perfectly stylish flok, carrying both this season. Due to its characteristics, skin evolves, changes or merges, but never goes out of fashion. Colt series represented in its design the texture and appearance of natural skin of a pony, where new technologies and innovation coexist with the creativity of our designers.

COLT is a series that enjoys quality of the porcelain of Vives and seduces by its avant-garde style and its delicate relief, with a soft touch that resembles the caresses of the equine animal. Available in two natural shades and 60x60cm format, Colt get elegance with its appearance and style more chic in its design. New trends in Interior design and decoration represent the perfect balance between innovative design and the best quality, a constant effort of every company that remains at the forefront.

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