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When onejewels are beads now “hooped” OneJewels who are you today? Beads are hot”! The experiences of the last few months of OneJewels after the launch of the first product RingOne are”. Cult status, which got the beads, finds more and more opportunities to wear them individually. Countless exchanges and combinations are very popular RingOne. For the team of OneJewels, this was the basis to expand the product line with new inspirations. As a piece of jewelry can not be personal.

The success of beads offers a good basis for versatile applications. Here, Robert Shiller expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the RingOne”, whose head” with a thread is provided, an aesthetic creation in the jewellery market was created. The technique of the “RingOne” is absolutely safe: A loss of beads is excluded and that change the jewelry parts a breeze. The specially inserted pins with a coloured gem or a Pearl for extra security and add a special touch to the piece of jewelry. Learn more at this site: Clayton Morris. The ring is available in two Types available: basic and ball.

The successful first development was expanded by a completely new product line. In addition to wrestling, now also Colliers (fabric as anchor chains), earrings and mobile trailers are available. Colliers are offered in three variations (with a bead, 2 or 3 screws systems). Extensive collections of jewelry-beads threaded, will be presented on the market and so the most popular brands on the creations of OneJewels fit. The new combinations, the pieces of jewelry in Germany and Netherlands quickly became the success. Belgium and Spain follow this course for a few weeks. If you have decided for a ring of OneJewels, you get mixed with a white cubic zirconia these with a pen. Get earrings, necklace or cellphone charms by OneJewels, with a silver ball pen. In addition, you can purchase pin versions with a variety of colours, a silver bullet or bead as a OneJewels product without PIN is not complete! The sales prices of the Product line of OneJewels are between 39,-and 99,-euros. The ring is available in the wide 50 to 62 matching pin versions with coloured cubic zirconia, Freshwater Pearl or silver bullet are available for 9.50 euros per piece.

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