Company Advertising

All these details should be taken into account, because when an atmosphere of cleanliness, comfort and friendliness, anyone want to come just for you. 8. Make your name recognizable Use tv advertising, outdoor advertising, create a name for himself. Make it so that you have learned. This will help win your own clients, who would go just for you. After conducting market research, our advertising policy was constructed as follows: we have been on television, in the subway, were engaged in direct mailing. As a result, we achieved the main thing – we started to learn. Today we no longer have to spend equally active advertising policy.

However, despite the fact that we have already there are 57 pharmacies: 47 branded and 10 municipal pharmacies, we are planning for two or three years perebrendovat completely abandon advertising, we're not going to. Now we are more promotions within the company – marketing activities of producers, marketing campaign two packs for the price of one), reduced prices on some drugs. All pharmacies '36, 6 'spread business cards with all addresses and telephone network pharmacies. 9. Pharmacy chains to open more profitable You probably noticed that just in the past and for this it has been actively developing a network of pharmacies.

And for obvious reasons. Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Firstly, one trade point is very hard to survive in today's business, its just eaten a stronger and larger competitors. Secondly, pharmacy networks easier and cheaper to carry out advertising policies and conduct market research. Third, easier to carry out pricing, primarily due to discounts (larger volumes, the more you can get discounts from suppliers), proven brand.

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