The image that you have exactly of itself and as to the others sees said it directly or indirectly its behavior. As you see yourself you lead all the trajectory of its life, therefore the construction of the auto-image perpassa for the form of if seeing itself and the imagination of as if is seen by the others. Constantly we compel in them to change of clothes, cellular, car, for judging necessary to follow the standards established in the groups of conviviality. It has a latent necessity for acceptance, leading many ' ' morrerem' ' a little, then: behavior is changed and until similar thought of ' ' to incase-se' '. Everything goes well, more image makes the distorted to see them the form world completely missed, does not obtain to be in peace obtains exactly, has an inversion of the Real. The construction of the auto-image is of the interior for the exterior. It has people that almost never they act of true form, always show to an image distorted of its I, live an unreal world, want are it that they are walk in the superficiality of the life in a constant anxiety for that same they are unaware of.

It has those capable ones to drag multitudes, but they do not know or they do not believe when it is said to it are imprisoned in the world of the insignificncia, where pparently they are felt well. Others ' ' if acham' ' , the space its small return and for they speaks and speaks, however does not convince the proper family. The construction of the auto-image is made day-by-day, for the look that we had of our parents and of the self-knowledge that we possess. Uncovering as person, than more accessory, when we perceive this, we obtain to project our dreams visualizing the accomplishments that we will make being stubborn in the daily fight not seeing the failures, but adds the conquests. Example becomes to be followed, it has auto-esteem fortified it knows itself and it knows where wants to arrive.

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