Empire State Building

New York is a city that simply has everything what ds heart be honored at major attractions and far away from well-known tourist paths in New York is undoubtedly the capital of the United States, in the pulsating life with almost breakneck speed, and at the same time a big laboratory kitchen only for art and good things of life here in abundance there Kultur.Alle, especially with Stil.Einkaufsmeilen until down to true gourmet temples, leisure activities for children up to night clubs, museums and galleries to concerts and Theater: here it is for everyone to discover something new.New York State is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, who prefer Bronx and Staten Island.Urlauber travelling a short New York usually Manhattan.Reisende, who also still dare to leave the beaten track, will not regret it very sure.Brooklyn is becoming a little culinary paradise and placing in slightly more remote districts such as Queens is often a lot better to have. On top of that, the reception is there then all the more heartfelt.If one moves away from the tourist stronghold, you will also receive the chance to get an impression of the real life in NYC and its inhabitants.Then, there are also two classic tourist attractions to be missed on a trip through New York never.The Empire State Building and the statue of liberty this year celebrating even their anniversary. Therefore, there was hardly a better time for a flying visit as this. The enormous size of the statue of liberty can understand only with my own eyes 354 steps to freedom.This huge neoclassical sculpture was designed by Frederic Bartholdi. It stands for the Libertas, the Roman goddess of the Freiheit.In of a hand she holding a torch, a stone plate, to the date of the Declaration of independence, July 4, 1776, is engraved other. At her feet is a broken Kette.Bis in its Crown there are 354 steps.

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