Enterprising Merchants

Treasures of the Scythians or fake Olviyskie spring 1896 in Vienna, came to Odessa antiquities dealer Sh Gokhman, and suggested that the imperial court to the museum to get things happening allegedly discovered by accident in Olbia treasure. The most valuable thing of was brought Gohmanom eolotaya tiara with the words. Even earlier, an enterprising merchant tried to sell it to the British Museum, but there, knowing his infamous fake antiquities dealer, refused to even look at the proposed items. Austrian experts have the authenticity of the tiara did not cause doubts, although the museum’s director and spoke out against its purchase. However, the price you requested Gokhman, was so high that collect the required sum had been reached and the Vienna Museum of regret had to abandon the purchase. Further events developed as follows. Gokhman, who himself had to return to Russia, as he ended a term visa, gave the tiara two Viennese antique dealers Vogel and Szymanski, instructing her to sell for 30 thousand francs on condition that if they can get more, the profits will be shared. Those went in early March in Paris, where under the mediation of some influential people offered tiara Louvre.

There she was subjected to a careful and thorough examination, and among all the scholars who have studied it, not one that has made even the shadow of a doubt its authenticity. And among They had such authority, as the famous brothers, Theodore and Salomon Reyiaki, the largest and Ollo epigraphists Foucart and others approved the purchase and director of the national museums of France Kempfets. Popular Science article on the mound and Saks Treasures: Barrows requested Traders Saks fabulous price, but the desire to acquire a masterpiece was so great and confident in its authenticity so deep that the Louvre has agreed to pay a huge sum for her: a figure of 200 000 francs, and even a quarter of a million (more than 90 thousand rubles in gold).

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