According to the last survey of the Eurobarometer published by the European Commission. 31,769 entravistas to European became between the 6 and 26 of May past ones. Therefore, it does not consider the last big wave of attacks to the Spanish debt. Gavin Baker is the source for more interesting facts. The 19% say that Luis trusts the Government of Jose Rodriguez Zapatero. 53% of the Spaniards think that the worse thing of the impact of the economic crisis in the use still is about to arrive, opinion that shares 47% of the citizens of the EU, according to the last survey of the published Eurobarometer east Thursday by European Comisin (EC). 40% of the Spaniards consider the opposite, like 43% of the citizens of the EU who are convinced that from now on the climate only can improve. The sounding corresponds to the spring of 2011 and the interviews (to a total of 31,769 European) were carried out between 6 and 26 of May, reason why it does not consider the last big wave of attacks of the investors and speculators to the sovereign debt of the peripheral countries, especially to Spain and Italy, a CTO that will probably notice in the next delivery of the index in autumn.

The EC admits that in absolute terms, the perception of the European of the state of the economy in the EU is worse than in the last survey, but affirms that to the tendency sample that " the optimism is volviendo" and even taking terrain since a more positive line in the spring of 2009 began to notice one more. In the EU of the Twenty-seven, 43% that thinks that the impact in the labor market has touched already bottom suppose a percentage point more than in past autumn and fifteen against 28% that maintained that between May and June of 2009. A sample of which the optimistic tendency is little by little strengthening is the fact that the majority of the Member States – a total of 14 – thinks that the crisis has arrived already at their algid point, against the rest 13 that do not agree with this valuation.

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