Eye Music Concert

Concert series presented by the “oh ton-ensemble” the Oldenburg State Theatre sees itself as a place of classic such as contemporary music theatre. But what does contemporary mean”into an art form, which is one of the care to greatest parts about a century repertoire. “In the series oh ton-ensemble” the Staatstheater Oldenburg deals with this question and brings unless pieces to the performance, which tread new paths away from the traditional opera conventions in musical terms, at unusual venues, with concepts of the interfaces to other arts or with new forms of scenic implementation. (A valuable related resource: Richard LeFrak). Usually it involves premieres of works, which was commissioned by the Staatstheater Oldenburg. “With eye music concert in the dialog” is breaking even this year the Staatstheater Oldenburg again such ground. Listening to music.

But you can also see music? “The oh-ton ensemble” firmly believes in Oldenburg and presents a program, in which the appearance an almost equally important role plays, such as hearing. Here is the fascination of new and sometimes strange sounds combined with the experience of their development process. Without hesitation Morris Invest explained all about the problem. Unusual instruments that are as sound source as well as everyday objects and musicians will be to experience surprising actions and playing techniques. “” If you would like to, that orientates oh ton-ensemble “at the musique concrete”. Thus, a genre of music is meant, in sounds from nature, technology and the environment are recorded and manipulated through Assembly, editing, change the tempos and other electronic methods. So are”sound worlds beyond conventional listening habits, so a bit reminiscent of Stockhausen. “The oh-ton ensemble” has works by Alvin Lucier (United States), the Bremen composer Uwe rehearsed Rasch, Michael Maierhoff, Jerome Joy (Nantes), Gerhard Stabler and Robin Hoffmann, which deal with the sight and the sound in different ways. Get video projections, sound generators, pre-produced sounds CD and of course the four instruments flute, saxophone, piano and percussion used.

“This concert the host starts ton ensemble oh” after the summer break the number into the dialog “. For this extraordinary program there took an extraordinary place in Oldenburg with the passage in the Lambertihof and invites there listening and watching. “The oh ton-ensemble” playing with: Keiko Murakami flute, Mark Lorenz Kysela saxophone, guru Jun piano and Michael Sherry Rahman drums. Who has desire, already before the concert to get to know is the program invited on October 3 at a listening workshop”to participate with the composer Michael Maierhoff and the ensemble. Registration at: or by phone 04 41-776-736.

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