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Modern hi-tech devices require users the ability to make “thin” finger movements and precision hitting them in the right place. When using conventional computer keyboard or remote control control home appliances, this problem is not so relevant. But with the advent of touch-screen (touchpad), and especially using them in miniature devices, inability to perform precise movements of the fingers leads to a permanent errors and lack of demand for many useful functionals of this technique. Scientists seem to have managed to solve the problem that arises from the fact that people, when confronted with similar difficulties and do not achieve their goal, says magazine The Economist. Filed under: Lincoln Property. For example, if you use the touch screen keyboard is already typed letter words give a clue – what the letter could be next. However, no clues do not appear, the user need only touch the touchpad slightly left or right than he intended.

The touch screen does not take into account, the angle at which the finger touches the surface. A scientist from the German University of Hasso Plattner Institute (Potsdam), Patrick Baudisch (Patrick Baudisch) sure you can increase the accuracy touch screen, if the “teach” it to determine where a person intends to press. To this end, the professor and his graduate student, Christian Holz (Christian Holz) using fingerprint scanners, similar to those used in German Migration Services or the police, have studied how people touch the poverhnostyam.Oni proceeded from the fact that when a finger touches the screen, it diffuses the light inside the device, and a special camera in a certain way to “collect” this light, and eventually a high-quality fingerprints. The researchers used this technique to determine the location on the finger, which a person is in direct contact with the surface, then there is one in which “focused intention” to click on the object, regardless of the direction of touch or surface area. Further, in some way calculated the location on the screen on which the user would like pressure. Then researchers have developed algorithms for fingerprint recognition. These algorithms can be built into any gadget, such as mobile phone, which will “learn” user’s fingerprint and appropriately under him to adjust. It is even possible, he will be able to guess what number it will dial the next owner. It is worth noting that Baudisch long-term interest of human fingers in the context of development of touch screens. He heads the project Nanotouch company Microsof, developed a way to manipulate objects on the smallest screens.

Its technology allows the user even eliminate the need to press the screen finger or stylus – just led his fingers on the back. These gadgets are also able to read the user’s finger position. In the meantime, the best scientists are puzzled over the fact that phones and players began to recognize the host and guess the direction of motion of his fingers, the users themselves, at least Russian, interested in the question of using, for example, iPhone or other devices with the touchpad in the cold season. The fact that neither in mittens or gloves devices do not take over the user’s fingers, and because it does not carry his team. However, one of Western companies, producing woolen goods, it seems, heard the cries of all frozen users of devices with touch screen or keyboard and a special glove with relief, in the small bumps that the surface of the fingertips.

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