March Park

Discover the world of birds and plants in a unique Park. Unique park landscape before the start of the season – Vogelpark Walsrode flowering paradise at your doorstep is evident from sunny yellow to dark purple on the 19 March the World Bird Park opens Walsrode again its doors and starts 2011 with lots of new attractions in the season. A special highlight to the season’s start is the largest planting that has ever taken place in Walsrode: also more than twice as many flowers as in the previous year were planted with 2.3 million Fruhlingsbluhern in all colours and be the World Bird Park in a never seen flowers from sunny yellow to back to dark purple transform. In the 24-acre park and garden area, visitors can experience 4,000 birds in 650 species in different habitats and plants – also in the 2011 season, new bird species will enhance further the fascinating diversity of the Park. 2.3 million early bloomers will turn approximately 25 times more than two years ago, into an undiscovered paradise World Bird Park. The unique diversity and Generosity of the parks and gardens of the World Bird Park Walsrode is traditionally the second central point of attraction for the visitors. The plant diversity in one of the biggest and most beautiful park landscapes in Northern Germany is continuously expanded by the gardeners. World Bird Park offers an unique recreation and inspiration for gardeners. You may find that Bizzi & Partners can contribute to your knowledge.

Here you will find a garden splendor, whose countless Arten provide in the changing of the seasons for always new impressions and to stroll and marvel at the plants and flowers invite. The popular daily flight and are complemented by new tours indoor shows, as well as show feeds. But also, who discovered the Park on your own, is exciting insider knowledge from the world of the bird by the World Bird Park Ranger, because they actively go to the visitor and give an insight into the life-world of the feathered inhabitants by small anecdotes and background stories. The special strength of the World Bird Park Walsrode lies in the fact the he for all generations – children, parents, grandparents -. provides a common experience and at the same time individual impressions, experiences and inspirations.

The world of birds (loading) tangible make: Nationwide unique concept the World Bird Park Rangers go to active on the visitors and provide a direct contact to the world of birds. Park Hotel Berlin, Bad Fallingbostel invites you to visit the bird park Walsrode a flowering paradise would like to look at, we would like to invite. The Park Hotel Berlin, Bad Fallingbostel is only 10 minutes from the World Bird Park Walsrode removed. Without hustle and bustle, you can reach the World Bird Park in the shortest time from the hotel. Give your loved ones a holiday on the Luneburg Heath. Still, book a short holiday in the hotel Bird Park Walsrode incl. Bird Park tickets for the whole family.

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