Marklin Fans Buy Their Own Factory

The debt, which are accrued at the model railway manufacturer Marklin amounted to over EUR 100 million. The 150-year-old traditional company had to file for bankruptcy in February. Dr. Norbert Scholz and Stefan divine are managing director of MLT model railways subsidiary in Berlin. The company was created to acquire capital to rescue the company Marklin and to provide. The investment amounts to 100 million in the form of profit participation certificates. A participation is possible from 2500 EUR of plus 5 percent premium. With the participation capital, the assets are to be acquired by Marklin.

The future Fund Gsellschafter are also holders of Marklin. You determine the management and further development. Entitled to a preferred profit by four percent and 50 percent of the total profit. Almost 1,000 employees could lose their jobs. But long is still not final for Marklin, is model railways subsidiary according to the MLT mbH (MLT), a Funds have set up, which should play exactly this EUR 100 million. The strategy is, for example, that it might have signal effect for a variety of brand manufacturers, where just because of the financial crisis, the air is tight.

In this respect, the idea of MLT has also political signal effect. While the Berlin Edition of pleasure right capital initiator opts for especially around 1,000 dealers and more than 200,000 customers. This the ruler of the company are in the future from a turnout of 2,500 euros, which for many childhood dreams and a piece of Germany”is in General. This is the typical”Marklin fan between 35 and 60 years old and spends more than 1,000 euros per year for his hobby. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard LeFrak. Marklin is also a piece of life. Here, the company was hit in recent months in particular by critical publications in the Center. It is true that three years alone on consultant fees more than EUR 40 million from the company have on revenues of around EUR 120 million in 2008 an alarming rate. Employees many of the Marklin because also stunned face the possible loss of their jobs. Yet Marklin economically intact companies with already again in 2010 in the black can be written “, the MLT CEO Dr. Norbert Scholz says. He wants to avoid a break-up of the company in any case, as there would no longer Marklin Marklin. In this respect, the rehabilitation concept envisages to get also the partner companies on board. A massive austerity will also ensure the survivability. However, no employee should be dismissed. Old with new money to repeat, must not mistake”, says Stefan divine as another MLT CEO. In addition, a marketing concept to boost not only sales, but more closely align the product composition according to the wishes of the user. We will hear in the future significantly more on the dealers and customers when it comes to the alignment. These are anyway in the future our approach those who should decide about Marklin work”, explains divine. Promised, what cannot be met, you won’t possibly future owners here. There will be a preferential profit by four percent to the deposit as collateral. In addition, investors to 50 percent of the profit benefit. But not even once this is about the most fans. We join immediately, as soon as an opportunity arises to preserve a piece of childhood”, says a Marklin fan. Now he has the chance to do so. See the homepage of the Marklinhilfe “is how you can participate.

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