Negotiating The Price

IN negotiating, the ability to influence the price will be constrained by the perceived competition for your time. However, it is expected that the recommendations of customers to consolidate the business and services offered are traded at a rate somewhat above the average. Therefore, we expect to have some influence on price through reputation. Another factor is that if this type of service is not provided efficiently, can be very costly for the client, in which case no value whatsoever. On the other hand, if well made, services are accessible from the economic point of view and immensely valuable. By creating this reputation, good profits to be reimbursed for the work.

Pricing decisions are of paramount importance in the marketing strategy for both the consumer and for services. In an exploratory study we did in 1989 to about 40 medium-sized companies, manufacturers of consumer, the price was found, according to executives, marketing was the variable most important and most frequently in making decisions. As with the other elements of the marketing mix, the price of a service must be related to the achievement of organizational goals and marketing. It will be depending on the amount of service the customer buys the price change, here we classify customers equally by the amount of service purchased, establishing a mean, maximum and minimum prices, this amount will be worth in machine-hours, for example, is considered by studies market average is 100 hours of service which will be priced at 80 usd, ie 0.80 per hour, for consumers of service below the average (50 hours) the service will cost 50 usd, ie the 1.00 usd hours, while for those who choose the service of 150 hours or more will be 100 usd 150 hours, or 0.66 cents per hour if the customer exceeds this maximum amount will be charged only 0.030 cents per additional hour.

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