New Music Group Yolk

So at least that is clear, this is no press release about eggs and spices! So at least that is clear, this is no press release about eggs and spices! But about music! “” More precisely, about the music of the Group: yolk and cinnamon from now is the music of the Group of yolk and cinnamon “audible in the Internet and is also the download” ready. Although there are only very briefly the group, she is already recognized. For example, in Austria pop charts, it stands 40 “already on place 33, tendency rising. But listen even detailed samples: as there are blues, House (Disco), ballads reminiscent of Irish and more. But also strong religious music with beautiful voices. Some songs are charts suspect as Little Men in The Woods”, although just this song is vocally suited to be sung by anyone.

So popular”perhaps some musical numbers also like listening to, they are musically sophisticated, since they are often polyphonic, also in the voice of monitoring. You can for example in four months”more clearly heard. It is but also intellectually demanding. In the song Fourty Days / resolution a musical mystery is executed (what you would see in the score). It is a Passacaglia to Bachschen patterns, but always a popular topic in a voice being done (by Friedrich Hollaender), starting in the bass, always higher rising until you the melody in the last verse”(resolution) clearly understands.

The group name is symbolic for a germ cell (egg yolk) and a Spice (cinnamon). Maybe this is even an aphrodisiac? And the name sounds just wonderful. Hmmm! If you want to speak English from him (which of course nonsense would be, because there are no these words in English so far yet), then it sounds ideal. Hmmm! Yes, and actually that very closely characterizes the music of yolk and cinnamon. The songs on this page were in the living room”. As more attention has been placed on the musicality, is for Techies might some not entirely fermented out”. Maybe some people find just in time of the unit POPs”refreshment. Judge.

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