Sebastian Pinera

All sacrifice family and journalism, as well as the authorities to rescue these men, was rewarded. They are free and with their families. Chile gave an example of organization and touched up the plain to the whole world. The union of countries for this work demonstrated that Yes it can work for a common goal, and the perseverance of the 33 miners gave us a lesson: give is never the option, always the man can overcome adverse situations with faith, courage, hope and, more importantly, with the love of their loved ones. Do in Paraguay, the newspaper ABC Color headlined exciting rescue of Chilean miners made lagrimear to the world, A las 21: 55 last night went to surface the last of the 33?, tragedy, hope and an end of full joy. Among other concepts, the journal described the event that shook the entire world of historic and successful and said that it generated an immediate explosion of joy across the Andean country, as well as the excitement in various parts of the planet. The 33 miners were brought to the surface one by one in one span of less than 24 hours since the first emerged on Tuesday at midnight. After 70 days trapped 700 meters of depth, the Wednesday night slept for the first time in a bed of truth in a hospital in Copiapo, 800 km north of Santiago, the Presidents of some countries have called for President of Chile Sebastian Pinera, to congratulate him on the success of the operation, thus the President U.S. Barack Obama, made a call to his Chilean colleague Sebastian Pinera to congratulate him on the successful rescue of 33 miners trapped for more than two months. The President praised the rescue as a tribute not only to the determination of the rescue workers and the Chilean Government, but miners and the Chilean people who have inspired to the world, according to an announcement released by the White House.


You ever have you deleted a file by mistake from console, when you were working with the? I guess that you have cast thousand curses for the mistake and lost time when this has happened you. First we are going to see a little how we can access information or status of a file. For this we can use the stat system program. Let’s see how it works: first we create a text file: user@test# echo this is a file of text test > fichero_pruebas.txt then can use stat to obtain information from this file: user@test# stat fichero_pruebas.txtFile: ‘ fichero_pruebas.txt Size: 39 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 regular fileDevice: 301 h/769 d Inode: 512495 Links: 1Access: (0644 /-rw-r r) Uid: (1000 / user) Gid: (1000 / user) can be defined as: a structure of data of file systems traditionally used UNIX-like operating systems as it is the case with Linux. An inode contains features (permissions, dates, location, but not the name) of a regular file, directory, or any other object that may contain the file system. The inode term usually refers to inode on disk (block mode device) which store regular files, directories, and symbolic links. The concept is particularly important for the recovery of the damaged file systems. Each inode is identified by a number integer, unique within the file system, and the directories collected a list of couples formed by a number of inode and identifying name that allows access to the file in question: each file has a unique inode, but can have more than one name in different or even in the same directory to facilitate their location.

The Telephone

A good CRM (client relations management system) is an important aid. Some service providers go even one step further and offer so-called up-selling and cross-selling services. This means employees are not only trained with inquiries or service requests to go to, but get also a sales-oriented training to sell more or higher quality products the customers for such requests. More time for the core business you will not be disturbed or distracted by incoming calls, but can concentrate on your core business and work yourself stress free and above all more productive which leads to increased sales and increased performance. In customer conversations and meetings is also better aimed, if it is not interrupted by phone calls. You work more effectively and can so much economic, schedules and appointments better to be kept.

The appearance affects positively better image and professional positioning outwards on the image of the company. Quite, friendly and competent Secretaries that answer calls affect many callers and customers. Quickly this talk is, the company gets a good repute. If so, the company is on everyone’s lips, gets feed it more and more, which in turn leads to increased sales, through the telephone service. A company looks much more professional if all calls be answered competently. Many times, the appearance is brought that the company appears much larger al it actually is. Larger companies have a more professional and credible, what very often influence the buying decision.

As far as the smaller providers. But even with major providers there are deficits here. According to a study by n-tv about the quality of online shops revealed large potential for improvement also advises on the phone. In every fourth meeting the employees not clarified all questions or were unsure. Also, the staff often lacked in actively to respond to the concerns of our customers and to make content understandable.

Galleries Take Advantage

Beautiful art in your own four walls bring more and more people want to your home with fine art beautiful fashion and so make sure that the local residential design is high quality and you can feel particularly at home in your own four walls. One is the one looking for beautiful and artistic objects, themselves and the own needs, then a visit to a gallery worth most of the time especially because issued usually many different objects there can be viewed is all alone, before you decide what you would like to have. Of course, you can meanwhile no longer only real visit galleries, but also virtually on the Internet where it has accordingly also the possibility to buy the works, we would like to have. A very good example of this is the Gallery 59, of course, there are also a slew of other galleries on the net, where you can browse and buy, if a fresh art for your home. It is important, however, as accurately as possible to look at the various providers in advance, so that you really can choose one, which is totally legitimate and which you also must worry, whether everything is gone so how you would like to have it. Such galleries, which you already know and you did have good experiences with, are ideal but also the references and artists who use the Gallery speak a clear language and ensure that you can quickly tell whether it is a good Gallery, or rather not. Especially large galleries are now also available on the Internet, the selection is greater but also with each passing day, because there is a high demand and more and more customers are using online shopping for all areas of life, of course, when it comes to lifestyle articles and items for the establishment of their own.

The Young Creators: Break Out Of Routines And

The young songwriter – enable your internal fountain and turn your biological clock back early in the morning to get up, off to work, coming after a long day of work completely broken home and the evening from reading. And the next day everything goes again from scratch. By the time you get numb so and the brain switches to automatic. Everyday life is routine. For the brain if we want to break this daily routine, then we should interrupt the brain auto-anti aging, by we train our brain.

Scientists have found that brain cells can grow back even up into old age. If we train our Denkapparat specifically, we can increase our brain activity by up to 40 percent. Brain training for the head with brain training, we can improve our senses: seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and keys are significantly optimized. Specific exercises enables nerve connections in the brain, which are pretty much atrophied over the years. The exercises themselves are very simple and can be integrate without problems in a playful way in everyday life. It is important that we break the daily routine with these exercises and confront new challenges to the brain. Brain gym opens up new ways for example as right-handed with the unfamiliar left hand spooning the soup or brushing the teeth or with the left hand performs typical right hand activities, then activating the right half of the brain, which is responsible for the logic thus. Left-handed, however, schools the left half of the brain, which is responsible for the emotional Wahrnehmung with right hand activities.

Who completed these and other brain gym exercises daily, which will soon feel the first successes. Reveals Vanessa Halen in their current Advisor who more brain training exercises?

Realienkunde And Law In Lower Austria, Austria 1919-1933

Facts and real things in the agriculture and forestry policies of the province of lower Austria 1919-1933 in philosophy the term is realities for real things and facts. In the part of the LawLeaks series, in addition to the legal and political processes and forms of expression in the political system of the country of lower Austria in the years 1919-1933, also these realities valued HVB, and made accessible through an interpretive representation of a broad public. The number of LawLeaks will concentrate in addition to the interpretation and analysis of individual legislation in the period 1919-1933 of now also the realities of customer in the lower Austrian legal system at this time. Thus public encountered by the media coverage and publication in the evaluation of this period should be included in addition to the legal and political processes and forms of expression in the political system of the country of lower Austria. Used local, regional and Austria to this wide print media, as far as they deal with the country’s political system During this period deal lower. Media publication is used as response sheet for the realities of customer media publishing in this context as a resonance form for the customer of realities of, because find themselves in their discussions and thus needs of the time shown.

Of course is that the consulted print outside this political were system, but it had a site and could only unfold their function factored in. A function that produced those artifacts that we need for our findings. These artifacts are the material of social, economic, cultural and Government being, i.e. the subjective reality that has come to the fore here. Thus, these artifacts represent significant components of the sectors of society, culture, State and economy in the political system of the country of lower Austria.

Dialectical tension between being and ought to be with these artifacts as essential building blocks of the sectors society, culture, “Government and industry that a part of the political system of the country of lower Austria is constituted, as being” the other part of the political system of the country of lower Austria, the should “opposite stands. Thus, that dialectic is shown, which has determined the years 1919-1933, in the province of lower Austria. As a field of research we have the economic sector, and here in turn removed the portion of land and forestry policy, which has the task in a first step, to provide the necessary material for the further analysis. In other steps, then also the other parts of the economic sector and then the other sectors are to be processed. Between public, politics and law in a longitudinal and cross-sectional profile you can see the level of qualitative and quantitative intensity of the interdependency relationship between public, politics and law in the economic sector on the example of agricultural and forestry policy interdependence ratio at the end of this work. These Important building blocks for the overall interpretation of the political system of the country of lower Austria will present findings 1919-1933.

VGB Waste

After the plaintiff of the defendant had shown the claim asking for regulation, this provided a payment of 275 euros to compensate for the storm damage. The applicant had unsuccessfully urging the defendant to pay also the remaining amount of 1130,78 euros of the cost estimate of the 26.01.2004 legal letter of the 23.02.2004. The AG Neumunster upheld the complaint. After this an a sewer vent pipe is a discharge pipe of water supply i. S. d. 6 ABS. 1 VGB 88 and the condensation leaking from the vent pipe is tap water in the meaning of that provision.

Source: AG nine ruling of December 14, 2007, AZ. 36 C 1565/04 2. liability of the Grundstucksnachbarn for rear storage damage in the neighboring House due to opening of the manhole cover of the waste water system with a separation system; Dispensability of a rear storage valve with a separation system in the drainage system of the sewage system of the town of Colmberg is executed in the so-called separation system, i.e. waste water and rain water are discharged through separate cables. The defendant (the plaintiff’s neighbor) opened at least an inspection Chamber of the wastewater channel during the flood event occurred that day due to the heavy rainfall, to prevent a flood of his estate. As a result, that reached the surface water in this channel.

This resulted in a backlog in the waste water channel, which in turn meant that flooded the basement of the plaintiff. In the property of the plaintiff, no return valve is fitted at the end of the dirt water channel. The drainage Statute of the market of Colmberg stipulates in 9 par. 5 that each port workers against the backwater of the water from the waste water network itself didn’t protect. The plaintiffs have asserted different damage. The defendant has requested dismissal on the grounds that due to the lack of a backup of storage in the premises of the plaintiff a liability not meet him.


He is depicted also mounted on a cart that throw jackals. RA supplanted the primitive God Atum. Horus, is a victorious warrior who every morning appears on the horizon in beautiful young figure, it crosses the sky and combat against the demon of darkness, Set, which devours the light. Daily beat him, but Set regains its forces and the fight is repeated the next day. Horus, also represented as the God-Falcon, reached a high hierarchy in the the first monarchic period. The height to which flies had expression in his name which means, the heights, and led to the institution of a God of the sky.

Propagated the tradition that each King was the earthly incarnation of God, and the name Horus became one of the Royal titles. These gods were not living alone, each had his wife and his son. The goddess was a divinity of the sky, and is represented with two horns on top of the head and in the midst of them appearing the solar disk. The God-son was represented, usually as a child. In addition to these celestial deities, the Egyptians worshipped the gods and goddesses of harvests and the mieses making fertile soil, the God of the Nile, the goddesses-moons, and evil demons of the night are depicted as cats or lions. She loved the beneficial gods to ask for health and abundance of crops, and the gods bad to soothe its anger.

But when all the Egyptians had gathered in a nation the inhabitants of each city adopted the gods of other cities, and formed a common religion in the whole country throughout the country, which were their main gods Osiris and Isis. According to legend, Osiris, worshipped primarily in Abydos, was the God of light, benefactor God, enemy of his brother Set, demon of the night.

Hair Fall

Currently presented plenty of problems of physical, although some more serious than others, we will always find any product or treatment that can help us to manage it, this is the case of the fall of hair. The fall of hair also known as Alopecia, or baldness is a very common nowadays, this problem not only men suffer it is commonly believed also women, suffer it though it should be noted that the percentage of women with this problem is well below that of men. In this article we will make allusion to some tips and treatment recommended by experts in this field. The hair is caused by three factors mainly bad: lack of grease. Excess fat. Lack of blood supply. Poor diet.

These factors can be caused by age, genetics and in most cases known to stress and emotional charges excessive. The percentage of men affected by the fall of hair after age 21 is the 88 per cent, this leads to the conclusion that whatever the factor that produces it, majority of men suffer it in old age. Women hair loss manifests after childbirth, as the abrupt hormonal change is the factor that most produces in women, although the percentage of women who suffer from hair loss is only a 16 percent. Currently there are treatments created to stop the hair loss, some of these methods are: laser treatment: this treatment is based on sending a radio frequency that stimulates blood and reactive circulation in hair growth; This procedure is the most widely used and effective in the treatment of hair loss. Diet: some diets can significantly reduce hair loss, since the inclusion of nutrients such as magnesium promotes growth and durability of the hair. Capillary medicines: market aesthetic can find too many products that promise to stop and even promote hair growth; Although these treatments are very crowded, are not highly recommended. There are also homemade that can help to reduce hair fall and natural options, some of these are: treatment with clay: this procedure consists of empty clay at the base of the hair in order to absorb the fatty excesses and make the skin to absorb only what is necessary. Treatment with egg and yogurt: this is based on making a mix with these two ingredients in order to offer the option of increasing their levels of fatty to dry hair. It should be noted that the best advice can be given to prevent the fall of hair, is to go where a specialist who can professionally advise a treatment, this in order to optimize the results. That said is deductible to say that one of the most effective ways to fight hair loss is to lead a life quiet and active, also a healthy diet.

Bossa Nova

More difficult to contain leaks are the bass (bass and bass drum). They can work this by mounting the battery on a dais with rubber base. And the amplifier under the same, detach it from the floor. This will not only help the insulation if not also to the quality of listening within the rehearsal room.Doors and Windows: the optimum is to have a double door with an absorbent material-filled air inside cavity (always the same principle of Box in a Box). If they can do double door reinforce that have plates of some material and add vana glass. There are good systems for presses, but I think that it would exceed what’s homemade rehearsal room. Windows will have to be sealed with the same principle: glass wool and plasterboard (or who choose to isolate). Both to insulate doors and Windows use weather stripping to die! They are fairly cheap and really make a difference.

Isolate is difficult and expensive but not impossible. Test well and at home is priceless! Acustizacion: The acustizacion is going to be directly related to part 2 (equipment: available, optimization and management.). Now we will focus on the preparation of rehearsal room.The first question that arises is: that material use to upgrade my rehearsal room? Absorb all materials that are for sale. All. The theme is Choose pay more or working more. I advise working more and doing one’s own wool panels of glass or mineral rather than plates or polyurethane panels. The wool absorbs much more, but there is q make a wooden frame, place the wool inside and then covered with a thin fabric already q If you volatilized can do very bad health. In contrast polyurethane goes directly on the wall if you want.

I prefer wool but cannot be better, is according to the needs. I combined the two materials in many halls and rehearsal rooms that I have designed. I often use glass wool for the walls and material sound absorbing polyethylene for the roof and works excellently. I do this because it is much more comfortable and secure paste polyurethane panels on the ceiling or high areas that suspend a frame with glass that is always heavier wool.Tip: do not exaggerate with the placement of materials. I’ve seen many rehearsal rooms in which directly are not the walls or the roof to be covered completely by such materials. That is very bad. Add a little absorbents and go listening to how he responds the rehearsal room. Disperse absorbents equitably. The room must have thoughts but controlled. Eliminate the reflections in the 90 angles that form between the walls. Not all the rehearsal rooms work the same for all styles. If they touch Bossa Nova will need less absorption. If touch Thrash Metal more. I advise to read part 2 (equipment: available, optimization and management.) Since there will find much cornered Tips on how and where to place the amplifiers, instruments and P.A. boxes Also Tips on EQ and FXs within the trial.