Contemporary Art

La BIENNALE DE LYON joins seamlessly another cultural highlight from 15 September to 31 December 2011 after the big shows of the summer in the autumn of 2011. Well half of the 60 participating artists of the 11 Lyon Biennale from 15 September to 31 December already at the Art Basel exhibited. Under the title of A terrible beauty is born curated Victoria Noorthoorn in Lyon an exhibition with about 60 artists, among them Marlene Dumas, Guillaume Bijl, Arturo Herrera, Fernando Bryce, and John Cage. Are also younger positions such as Eva Kotatkova, Erik Beltran, Ulla von Brandenburg, or Javier Tellez. The young Argentine curator from a verse of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats in his poem quoted Easter, 1916 the term of terrible beauty. Contradictions and paradoxes are genuinely artistic means of expression and in their indissoluble co-existence is an important intrinsic value of art.

The four exhibitors la Sucriere, Bullukian Foundation, Museum of contemporary art Lyon and TASE factory they played with a consciously subjective selection of international art. Lyon in eastern France and capital of the region of Rhones-Alpes is known for its warm atmosphere and way of life, a rich tourist offer in a creative and innovative city that has something for every mood. Many visitors appreciate Lyon in December because of his famous Temple (Fete of des Lumieres). The gastronomic city of par excellence will take you into the world of culinary delights and pleasures. The numerous Lyon chef panels you regional products and culinary specialities on rounded off by numerous great wines of the Rhone Valley. In the heart of the region of Rhones-Alpes Lyon is an attractive cultural and dynamic Centre.

Nearly 100 destinations in 30 countries served by the airport, there are 2 hours to Paris by TGV and 90 min after Marseille Lyon worth including as a day-trip destinations, or for a weekend. In addition to exhibitions, music, theatre, dance and literature, the city houses every two years with the BIENNALE DE LYON a special experience of contemporary art, which will take place from September 15 until December 31, 2011, for the eleventh time. Under the title of A terrible beauty is born”curated the Argentinian Victoria Noorthoorn, an exhibition that counts with its innovative concept to a highlight in the international cultural calendar 2011. About 60 artists from all over the world, but mainly out of Europe, Africa and Latin America, are at four different locations (La Sucriere, Bullukian Foundation, Museum of contemporary art, and T.A.S.E.-factory) display their works on 15,000 square meters of exhibition space. In the Centre of the BIENNALE DE LYON is offering visitors and the claim to offer contemporary art for everyone: the offerings ranging from workshops on guided tours or audio guides that enable an independent hiking and walking through the exhibition rooms, conferences and meetings, which enable the Exchange with other Immerge. In order to better meet the needs of visitors, which has BIENNALE DE LYON extended their opening hours for 2011. In addition to the daily opening hours Monday Friday (11:00 to 18:00) the exhibition halls are open from 11:00 to 19:00 every first Friday of the month until 21:00 h. and on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday). During the illumination (Fete of des Lumieres), there are extended hours: Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December 2011:10:00 to 18:00 Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2011:10:00 to 19:00

Fittings and Parts

Taps and fittings – a device installed on the pipelines, aggregates, containers and designed to control (disable, distribution, management, relief, mixing, ) the flow of work media (liquid, gas, gas-liquid, powder, slurry, etc.) by changing the area of the cross-section. Taps and fittings is characterized by two main parameters: the nominal inside diameter (nominal size) and conventional (nominal) pressure. Valves share the following types: Valves – valves designed to shut off the flow of the working environment with a certain integrity. Safety valves – valves are designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines from impermissible overpressure by relief of excess working environment. Control valves – fittings designed for control parameters of the working environment by changing the flow rate. Valves – valves, which combines the functions stop and control valves.

Feedback fittings – valves, designed to automatically prevent backflow of the working environment. (Not to be confused with Bizzi & Partners!). Non-return valves – the reverse fixture, which can be carried out forced closure of valves. Irrevocable-controlled valves – reverse fixture, which can be carried out forcible opening, closing or restriction of the valve. Distribution and mixing valves – valves, designed to distribute the flow of the working environment in certain areas or for mixing flows. (drainage) tube fittings – valves, designed to reset the working environment of the tanks (tank), piping systems. fittings – valves are designed to separate working environments that are in different phase states. Trap – valves, removes condensate and does not miss or partially overlooking the superheated steam. Protective (Interrupting) fittings – valves, designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines against harmful or unintended process changes the settings or the direction of flow working environment, and to mute the stream.

Reduction (throttle) valve – The valve is designed to decrease (reduction) of the working pressure in the system by increasing the hydraulic resistance flow path. Control valves – valves designed to control the inflow of the working environment in the test equipment, instruments. Types of devices valves: valve – type mixer, which has locking or the valve is moved perpendicular to the flow of the working environment. Valve (valve) – type of fixture that has a locking or the valve is moved parallel to the flow of the working environment. Crane – type of reinforcement, which has a locking or regulatory element having the shape of a body of revolution or part thereof, is rotated around its own axis, arbitrarily placed in relation to the direction of flow of the working environment. Disc gate (valve, butterfly valve, sealed valve germoklapan) – type of fixture in which the locking and regulating element has the shape of the disk rotating around an axis perpendicular to or below the angle to the direction of flow of the working environment.

Bosch Rexroth AG Furth

The Furth agency da kapo starts introduction campaign of the new product system EcoShape of Bosch Rexroth AG Furth, February 18, 2010 won the Furth Agency for strategic branding and integrated communication as kapo has the Bosch Rexroth AG in Schweinfurt as new customers thanks to their technical competence. To deepen your understanding The LeFrak Organization is the source. The owner-managed agency is responsible for the design and implementation of the launch campaign of the innovative circular tube system EcoShape from manual product systems. The campaign will be launched by Bosch Rexroth in Europe and the United States. The round tube system EcoShape creates smart, innovative, and easy connections for example for creating jobs, Assembly tables or shelves. The simple and cost-effective handling of EcoShape makes it possible to build up in the blink of an eye new solutions and to optimize existing or extend.

In addition, the high quality, related resource protection and above all the possibility of professional, standardized connections are unique. And the Special \”the new solution: square and round elements are combined easily with each other\”, so Christian Schult, Marketing Director for linear technology at Bosch Rexroth. The creative communication concept of da CAPO combines the properties of EcoShape titled Leichtigkeit3 \”: versatile in application: as a single round pipe system of its kind it is fully compatible with the profiles of aluminium – profile modular design and the manual production systems from Rexroth. easy to use: the smart connector technology with tolerance length compensation allows a simplified processing of round tubes directly on-site. efficient across the Board: the system is designed according to the Poka yoke philosophy so that users at the Assembly can do no wrong. EcoShape is economical and environment friendly: all components are made of anodized aluminum and die-cast. They are therefore reusable and recyclable. Sustainable introduction campaign for the launch of the new round pipe system EcoShape is a success-oriented communication package used to the long term Creates attention and sustained brand awareness in the market.

The Return Of The Good Taste

The social media dinner goes into the second round on 19 February 2013, the social media dinner will take place for the second time. Without hesitation adverum explained all about the problem. “Together with lawyer Jens in addition to Dr. Rebecca Belvederesi chef in this year of the exciting topic of PR & legal in the social Web” assume that Facebook, Twitter and co. have developed into powerful marketing tools, whose legal and communicative challenges to overcome is if you want to be successful in the social Web. To make palatable the seemingly dry topic, there will be again extended breaks between the practical lectures, where the participants in the finger food buffet can enjoy. A relaxed dinner atmosphere remains enough room for questions, discussions and networking. “The social media dinner is from the marketing agency social media Aachen” and the Federal Association of SMEs “(BVMW) organized and aimed primarily at medium-sized companies.

In the past year, numerous participants, to news about marketing gathered in the Web to learn and also to discuss 2.0. The public is cordially invited to participate in the social media dinner 2013. Start of the event is at 18:00 in the Novotel Aachen city, Peter Street 66, 52062 Aachen. A ticket booking is required in advance, the ticket price is 58,31, incl. VAT More information, visit i.A. Sabine Rittinger

Tirol Airports

The characteristics of the airports not normally in the foreground are challenges of the airport Innsbruck when choosing a vacation destination. However, there are airports, ensuring strong adrenaline with travellers, as well as on the part of the flight crew. The flight Portal reported why a landing in Innsbruck means pure tension. Especially winter vacationers travel to Tirol and the city of Innsbruck in Austria. The arrival is possible via different routes, because anyone looking for Innsbruck airport, train station or good possibilities for access by car, will find it readily. Learn more about this with Bizzi & Partners. However, the air is very fast and exciting.

Before the holiday can begin for the traveller, the approach requires the special skills of the pilots, finally, due to its location in a narrow valley, the airport in the mountainous region belongs to the most challenging airports. In addition come the difficult wind conditions, which always pose a challenge even for experienced pilots. For this reason, pilots are the airport Innsbruck control, rely on a special training. The airport of Innsbruck was built in 1925, but he was still elsewhere and moved only after the second world war to the present location. Since then has not stopped developing. The airport experienced a real boom since the late of 1970s, when Charter flights have been increasingly popular. The number of passengers is increasing thanks to the winter sports and the airport will be expanded. Today, aircraft of many airlines in Innsbruck land every day.

TBE: Beware Biting Ticks!

Nature new life awakens every year in the spring. Despite the still very low temperatures, experts discovered already back large populations of biting Spinnentiers. Especially in southern of Germany and in the Eiffel we must be careful, as the beasts in the jargon called before the Ixodida. Because they can infect us with two very dangerous diseases, if they catch us. Whereas to protect ourselves the tick-borne meningoencephalitis, short TBE, against one of a preventive vaccine, this is not possible against the so-called Lyme disease. Lyme disease, so the Lyme disease also called, is an infectious disease that can affect the muscles, nervous system, joints, but also the internal organs. It is transmitted by the Borrelia burgdorferi, a certain type of bacteria. The problem, however, is not the infection itself, but that it is often not immediately noticed.

So the pathogen can spread almost unchecked in the body. After infection, the body begins Antibodies to the germ to make, without that show up at the same time compulsory disease symptoms. This is not enough and the infection is noticed in time and treated, it can come to a pathogen persistence. The pathogen is not opposed by the body, the disease becomes chronic. In General, Lyme disease due to serious symptoms that worsen further over the years manifests itself. In the early phase it comes to flu-like symptoms, as joint and muscle pain, but no cough and runny nose. Chronic diseases of the sense organs, the muscles or joints can occur later.

The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), however, is caused by viruses and manifests itself mainly by high fever, chills and body aches. A subset of patients suffering from beyond the very dangerous circumstances inflammation of the meninges, the actual meningoencephalitis. The meningoencephalitis progresses further, so it may be to consciousness, Cause paralysis or coma. The vast majority of the disease heals, from assuming a timely treatment, without consequences. Ten to thirty percent of patients remain but neurological disorders of different magnitude. It is hot so be careful. Walks in the forest not to abandon, you should note two things. First ideally regularly against TBE vaccinated. So the body can form antibodies to the virus and to protect themselves against infection. The proper place for this is the own family doctor. Secondly the walk clothing and body thoroughly for adherent ticks search and carefully and promptly remove them. One doesn’t dare to this, the doctor helps also here certainly very much.

Real Estate In Croatia

More and more people decide to implement the dream of a home or secondary residence far from the original home. Croatia enjoys in this area of growing popularity. Who like enjoys a year-round mild climate, listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean noise, he will find his own personal dreams with Croatia. But not so easy is the building for a private individual. Therefore, you will find exactly the partner that in achieving this concern to the side stands and offers ideal support, advice and support with Croatia-property AG. Croatia property is an established provider of real estate, with a wide range of objects in the middle price segment.

Thus, the dream property in Crete can be realized for every taste and every budget. Croatia is very popular as a holiday destination on the rise and especially the Germans, Austrians and Swiss. Not without reason the Croats call their own country nasa Liejepa”what our Beautiful”means. In no other place in the Mediterranean, there are so many beautiful beaches, bays and reefs like in Croatia. The sea in this country is considered one of the cleanest and clearest of the world.

While the beauty of Croatia is not alone given by nature, but they will make sure that she is also maintained in this form. Croatia boasts the versatility that it offers. In the numerous national parks, you can explore the untouched nature and enjoy while there are cities on the other side, where life is pulsating. Croatian cuisine is extremely versatile, and gourmet come at their expense. It is particularly interesting that Croatia is accepted as the 28th State in the EU in July 2013. It is assumed that accession to the EU causes positive economic momentum in Croatia in the next few years. On the other hand, the prices of real estates in preferred locations will increase thus. Buyers who decide today for a property in Croatia should therefore expect attractive returns in the future can. Since 2009 citizens the possibility to buy a property in Croatia for all EU. Due to many years of experience and excellent contacts on the spot, a risk-free construction of real estate is guaranteed with Croatia-property as a partner. Even language barriers did not arise, as it is a german Croatian team which is the buyer during the entire construction project and the acquisition of real estate to the page.

Scientology Church Bayern

L. Ron Hubbards books on Dianetics and Scientology comprise the largest self-contained statement about the human mind and soul almost a quarter-century L. Ron Hubbard had been involved the study of the basics of life, of the material universe and human behavior. It led him eventually to the founding of Dianetics and religion Scientology. If you would like to know more about lyft, then click here. in 1952, L. Ron Hubbard had described the human soul. He demonstrated objectively intellectual potential.

Moreover, that every human being has this potential, and that they are generally accessible discovered by him. This led to his description of Scientology as something which will achieve the goal of every major religion: the liberation of the soul by wisdom. All in all include works of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Scientology, the largest self-contained statement about the human mind and soul. These are more than 5,000 written materials and 3,000 recorded lectures. Get answers to the unfathomable mysteries of life: the Secret of existence, the mystery of death, the achievement of conditions, which were not even reported in earlier literature. Also the Scientology teachings to the upbringing derived from these works of children, restoring family relationships, education, organization and creation of relief in times of illness or suffering. So each person can itself also to embrace these teachings and benefit greatly from this, L.

Ron Hubbard told the global structure of Scientology churches. And thus the first Church of Scientology in California, which was founded by members was created in 1954. It is a practical religion. It is applicable to every aspect of human existence and a modern religion for today’s world. “This permanent invitation of founder is at its core and within any church of Scientology: we serve you really and truly the precious gift of freedom and immortality.” Scientology provides an exact way to a complete understanding and a certainty about your own spiritual nature leads. She speaks to the spiritual essence and not just the body or the mind, because man is much more than just a product of his environment and his genes. Scientology includes therefore knowing that L. Ron Hubbard was explored in many decades and written down, that is based on the following, certain fundamental truths: the man is an immortal being. His experience extends far beyond a single life; His capabilities are unlimited, even if he currently not implemented. In addition, L. Ron Hubbard found during his research, that man in fact is good and that salvation depends of each person and the fact that she reached a fraternal relationship with the universe. Therefore, Scientology is no dogmatic religion, demanded by a person that he believes blindly about something what you told him. Each person in Scientology is encouraged to, even to discover that the fundamental truths of Scientology are true, namely, by applying their principles and the Results observed or even experience. Only you can know whether it is true.

Ralph Lauren Outlet

Because just about the most popular trend brands from the USA, Ron Lauren addition Han began to adopt will be in place from the world trend competition. They have got offered people with top quality clothing and also other people’s things. Along with considering that Ron Lauren things will not occur low-priced, the presence of Ur. Lauren Store will be a little something may be truly content with connected persons. The Ron Lauren brand has been all-around for as long as 1968. Subsequently they have been offering their particular recently got devotees along with beautiful classic masterpieces. The ultimate hallmark intended for Ron Lauren will be the POLO tshirts them designed to. That Umbu elegant designs along with the thought of day to day use along with p.Ralph lauren outlet ossesses resulted to your ten years prolonged phenomenon.

RL products and solutions include required guys use, females, Residence Add-ons and also fragrances! Which means that Ur. Lauren competes along with alternative world brands and is particularly respected similarly inside rest from the globe. Along with for those who are generally partial to becoming along with extremely classy popular, RL will be the leading decision. Yet most of these Ur. Lauren things are very high priced. A really simple shirt could undoubtedly are priced at 100 dollars. That has been previous to if persons didn’t learn from the excellent provides a Ur.

Lauren Store can provide these people. .Ralph Lauren outlet Online Should you searching for excellent deals on your own preferred Ur. Lauren things, after that this is actually the fantastic place to travel. Here, you can find one of the best deals you could ever consider previously! That gives all the place of 75% price cut on RL things; hiring workers rather than about all the top quality things along with funds you could preserve! In such to Ron Lauren Store shop, you can even test the purchase first look f you can find virtually any faults and also now there whatsoever. You happen to be in addition experienced along with hemorrhoids along with showcases connected with distinct choices. Truly impressive right However you may p.Ralph Lauren outlet Shop erhaps ask, how come its more cost-effective than those that are generally offered on the malls The suitable solution will be simple: The Ur. Lauren products and solutions that you will be discovering here are many supplement returns, overstocked selections, and also outdated gears. Yet that doesn’t will reverse that this is certainly a good deal really. Although they was outside period and also arrived, they re just continue similar to RL products and solutions include prolonged thought to get you. There can be loose post y tambien filth yet they are simply minor faults. Don permit these types of variables acquire in the manner of your respective excellent possiblity to not spend as much along with become cool and trendy at the same time. So what a person looking ahead to at this point Be quick up along with generate to your closest to Ron Lauren Store along with use worth mentioning money saving deals at this point!

A Single Woman

Times were difficult for a woman with talent. The most common compliment that the men gave to the ladies when they courted them was in reference to his physical beauty. However, few men considered so wise a woman. At least, wiser than themselves. My grandmother’s eyes were the reflection clearer desire for truth and the thirst for knowledge which was on the inside. He was a person with curiosity and concern, always endless questions, like children when they begin to question why everything he did.

He never knew she was smarter than any other licensed person or doctor. When I talk to her I feel, vibro and get excited to the compass of your vital wisdom. I believe that he managed to find its way of life, totally opposite of what dreamed girl, a true vocation. She always told me that anyone who loves resigns. And she renounced her dreams to bring forward her family. All a reward of love. Sometimes I feel that I not only came into this world with an umbilical cord linking me to my mother but also to the mother of my mother. I think I had two reasons for wanting to him; I want him for being my grandmother and be the woman who gave birth to my mother.

Love is like a chain that never ends. A square circle. Something paradoxical as mysterious as life itself. I remember one day I asked him:-Grandma, are you happy? And replied surprised and energetic:-I have face if not? That was the ultimate test that calmed my concern to see my grandmother, my dear grandmother, indignant at such a question. I loved him so much sometimes suffering thinking that he was running his life in an objective different from that she wished. She was a writer. Secretly writing wonderful stories. Related stories of his childhood in Madrid with nostalgia and longing, children’s stories that almost look like Lullabies for cradling a baby in her arms to the sound of each verse and love works devoted to the person you always wanted: my grandfather.