Personal Loans

About the benefits of credit market place from the perspective of investors and borrowers on the example of smava GmbH. at the latest since the Stiftung Warentest in the issue 4/2007 their financial test”the credit marketplace of smava GmbH, attested to streamlined and high reliability for investors as also borrowers, loans are from private to private on everyone’s lips. Unfortunately, feel free to take such a credit platform to complete, but even today still to many consumers, and continues to go to the Bank. Usually, this is purely and simply because same lack knowledge about the process of lending and security. For this reason find interested consumers under money loan from private a guide that explains the functioning of such credit market place on the example of smava GmbH in detail and with graphic support. John Savignano might disagree with that approach. In consideration of all benefits: Even fair fixed interest rate, credit agreement with a full Bank, choice between 36 and 60 monthly instalments, as well as investors across the possibility of the money award as of 250 euro wonder it because even not that that smava GmbH currently increasing figures regarding the switched credit volume published. The rate growth is currently far beyond ten percent per month, a value by which traditional banks can only dream about. In addition the smava GmbH offers the opportunity to get a loan, and also independent not only for private, but also for commercial purposes.

How about the comparison of various loans for the self-employed shows the credit marketplace even excellent truncates the smava GmbH in, because no other Bank offers such low initial interest rates. However, self-employed persons slightly higher hurdles in lending must overcome as this is the case with individuals. Because such offers in Germany but only very few and far between, this should not interfere with. In the conclusion, can be so hold, that personal loans are a very serious alternative to ordinary bank loans and in future will make these therefore also increasingly competitive. Daniel Franke

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