Public Observatory Munich

Munich at night can also be in addition to the normal pleasures and to a very special experience. You always see in the starry sky, but do not remember what one can still see everything there. This experience offers the Public Observatory in Munich. The observatory is based in Munich East in the Rosenheimerstrasse 145 h on the 4th floor. To know more about this subject visit Morris Invest. The entrance lies in the rear building across the courtyard. The observatory is open from Monday to Friday 20-22 clock (September-March) or 21-23 clock (April-August).

The observatory offers depending on the weather the following programs: * sky observations about the scopes – only for clear skies as well * Visit to the Observatory * showroom * Planetarium presentation of the observatory in Munich, the visitors multiple scopes, which can be used to study the heavens await. With up to 800-fold magnification lenses usable you can see the rings on Saturn or the craters and mountains, good on the moon. Especially for children this is a special experience to see for once the stars from a distance. Each month there is below a certain own theme, which is shown on the website of the Munich Observatory. Also find presentations by different speakers each month on topics such as "Did the moon landing really happened?" Or "Hubble's view of the Universe" instead. This trip is worthwhile for Tegernsee visitors, since you can drive in about an hour with Bayerische Oberland Bahn to Munich. meeting point on the portal obtain all the information Observatory Munich (directions, prices, opening times, images) and also shows the other sights in Munich, hotels in Munich and the Tegernsee.

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