Relevance Marketing

Action marketing: the Marketing is not a function, it is the complete view of the business from the point of view of the client Peter Drucker General aspects are many companies that have not considered relevant and important that is to use market research in pro of the conquest of these and its permanence, some do them it for the costs it involvesothers by not having qualified to carry it out, however, lose a great opportunity to locate the company in the optimal place of market, especially given the reality of a very dynamic competition. The current economic scenarios presented a commercial proactivity in where they constantly generate changes, opportunities and threats that must be the general management in collaboration with the marketing be attentive in pro of favouring the organization in their businesses, ensure competitiveness and good participation in markets where acts and where you want to penetrate. Fundamentals, concept and scope the market research is defined as the systematic and objective approach development and provision of information for the process of decision making by the management of markets. The primary objective of market research is providing information, not data, to the process of decision making at the managerial level. James king is likely to agree. Ivan Escalona, considered that studies related to market research can be classified as basic or applied gives us. Basic research seeks to extend the boundaries of knowledge, in relation to any aspect of the marketing system. Research of applied research or studies are interested in facilitate help managers make better decisions.

These studies are directed towards specific situations of the Organization and determine them by the requirements of the decision-making process. It is a desirable feature for basic research, which is carried out in a thorough and comprehensive way. For applied research, the thoroughness of the research is by agreement with the information needs of having the person who makes the decision.

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