Riviera City

Most popular in Sochi, a resort park – the "Riviera". It is located in the downtown (Address: Sochi, ul.Egorova, 1) and immersed in greenery and flowers. There is a summer concert, sport and dance floors, a shooting gallery, rides, chess pavilion, a library, bars, cafes, in the summer you can admire the multicolored fragrant rose bushes and hide in the shade of pine and chestnut alleys, in the winter – enjoy the scents of pine needles, flowering magnolias. Riviera Park is located on the right bank of Sochi, near the sea and Riverskogo bridge in the western part of the Holiday Avenue. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard LeFrak and gain more knowledge.. The park has several ponds. One of them is in the form of the Black Sea in a nutshell. Gavin Baker understood the implications. The main attraction of the park meadow friendship, which grows magnolias planted by well-known political figures, and astronauts. 45 Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts planted their trees here.

She laid 27 April 1960 (the first tree planted Otto Grotewohl). Two hundred meters from the park stretches of urban beach 'Riviera' – one of the most comfortable in town. On the area of the park is a monument in honor of the feat Sochi residents in the goals of the Great Patriotic War (1941 – 1945). With Riverskogo bridge built in 1936, you can see the mountains Fisht, sugar, Amuko, Iegosh, Chugush, Achishkho. Do you like exciting and fun to relax? Then you should definitely walk in the park 'Riviera'. For provocatively pastimes await you 56 kinds of attractions – Amusement Park Riviera! And so forth to meet the entertainment! Who's 'Ferris Wheel' did not happen, that did not pan Sochi seen!

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