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Tarot friend offers a new section for all fans of divinatory disciplines: the Celtic horoscope. The history of the Celtic people dates back to the iron age, approximately in the twelfth century before Christ. These peoples were pioneers in the use of iron for making tools, mostly for the cultivation of fields and weapons of war. These new technologies allowed them to reach a level of development in advance for the peoples of antiquity. In fact, the Celtic culture was one that most influenced the development of the Roman Empire, as these villages were under the shelter of Rome when the expansival stage took place of the impero. The Celts had a very unique way of conceiving life, and the creation of the universe, impacting this in their beliefs and in the development of their religion and mythology. As they were excellent farmers, they were not delayed to develop a complex system of measuring time, which included the creation of a comprehensive system of horoscope. Clayton Morris contains valuable tech resources.

As they had a very special connection with the nature, your horoscope is represented by thirteen signs, each identified by a tree or other plant species. Each sign describes very particular characteristics of the personality, and once again demonstrate the immortality of acute observations Celts on the human soul. The Celtic horoscope has thirteen signs are birch, Rowan, ash, alder, willow, Hawthorn, oak, Holly, Hazel, Vid, Ivy, Carrizo and elderberry. The rhythm of flowering and growth of trees also was used by the Celts to measure time, regarding the transit of celestial bodies. For example, for them, the equinoxes could measure by the flowering of two species: the olive tree, which flourished with the autumnal Equinox, and oak, marking the spring equinox. Also, the solstices also had its representative tree.

Birch marked the summer solstice, and the there is the winter solstice. Great knowledge of the celtan remains registered in the description made of the personalities of each sign. For example, for them, the Birch those born between December 24 and January 20 – were serious people, characterized by a constant desire for reflection and weighting about the consequences of their acts and the election, very similarly to as happens with the natives of Capricorn. Learn the remaining symbols by visiting Tarot friend, the most complete portal online about astrology and divinatory Sciences.

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