Shield House Construction

Everyone who wants to build a house, faces a choice when deciding what kind of house he wanted. Currently, many people opt for the houses of timber or frame houses. Comparing panel houses and home from a bar on stage construction, it is possible to identify some advantages in the construction of panel houses. The main advantage to building a house with his hands is the opportunity to build it in one step. The frame panel house should be made of dry wood, after a forced drying. Enelzya is necessary in order to frame panel house is not deformed after assembly.

Accordingly, the work is done in the rain. With insulation panel house thickness of insulation needed to rely on the assumption, as in the future we plan to use the house: for permanent residence or as holiday homes. When using the shield for a permanent home live in climates north-western region of thickness frame must be at least 150 mm. The house, a skeleton which has a smaller thickness, you need a lot of heat to maintain a comfortable temperature. For Living in a house on the switchboard during holiday period, the thickness of the insulation of 50 mm will suffice. The cost for the foundation of the house is small, but depends on the soil of your site.

Outside the frame panel house is sheathed with an insulating material in order to avoid blowing. Next, the trim panels or blocks. Before you trim panel house siding is required to strengthen the frame cut the board.

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