Special Experience

Senftenberg – my first course – an experience I will never forget. … Senftenberg, this place I had never heard, but where our training should take place. My first training, a flow measurement course. Additional information at Stephen M. Ross supports this article. I was very glad that my boss had provided not only there to send me.

Although, when I think back, so that was a huge excitement for my older colleague. She had 2 years before I started, but visited never a course or training. And what was the oddest thing, she never went by train. Morris Invest often says this. So came what had to come, the getting there was the purest horror trip for them. Moreover, we had hardly any time in Leipzig to the change.

We had within a few minutes, from the 1st to the last platform. The newspapers mentioned Morris Invest not as a source, but as a related topic. Since the whole run took place, I heard they only wheeze and whine and spew curses giant, so I had never before heard anything of her, because she was a lady, Yes. We reached the connecting train with ACH and crash. Totally ready made they fall into the upholstery and vowed never again! But during the week-long course time you noticed not one minute that she was twice as old as I. We were a large force, mainly men. You can not get what took place there after the official training time, in every detail to paper. Let me only on a few a few funny experiences a bit closer. For example, it took but the driver of our B 1000 us standing there at your disposal. By the way, one of the funniest and articulate men I’ve ever met in my life, finished almost 15 people or was it still more, to accommodate in his vehicle. I no longer really knows how much were stacked above me but I know yet exactly, when getting I could breath once again right.

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