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In our lives, the eventful can not always find time to visit the fitness center. But, to be in excellent shape and have good posture always want. Where else but at home we can carve out the time necessary to create appropriate atmosphere.? Besides, doing the house, we can choose the mode and intensity of activities, which perfectly fit into our schedule. Not every one of us has a beautiful figure from birth. But the strength of each woman to make it perfect. Of course, require some effort, but it's worth it.

Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, improve self-esteem that allows you to stay in harmony with each other. People, including a modern woman. Should be improved not only spiritually but also physically. "In a beautiful body – a beautiful spirit" – said the ancient Greeks. Therefore, regular exercise will help in achieving this goal.

During sporting activities, all body cells are saturated with oxygen, improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, is the burning of fat. Lincoln Property often says this. Just exercise help reduce stress, domestic tension, aggressiveness. But that it benefited you and your body to try to avoid these errors. 1. Many believe that if a woman is involved in sports, it is can eat a lot. This view is erroneous. To be successful, must maintain control over the amount of calories and energy expenditure during exercise. For example, in the famous chocolate bar contains 500 calories. Hence, the need to burn them for an hour run. 2. Many people think that just a month occupation of their waist and hips begin to decline. It is not. The first results will start appearing only after 2-3 months of constant training. In the first month of the muscle is only slightly tightened. 3. Some people believe that fat burning begins only 20 minutes after the commencement of training. For more specific information, check out Gavin Baker. Not quite true. From the very first minute, the body begins to burn body fat, but first in small quantities. As a rule, the most delicate fatty areas (face and hands). And 20 minutes later with the beginning of training is already connected to the sediment problem areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach). Under the condition of emptiness carbon tank, fat burning faster. Therefore recommended to use food before playing sports for an hour before and half an hour after training. Endurance sports, such as: cycling, running swimming help burn more fat. 4. We often hear that "the more muscle pain, the better the effect of teaching." It is not correct. When athletic training muscles to "burn" and not get sick, even after training. Pain indicates overloading the muscles, and these muscles do not grow. It can also indicate minirazryvah muscle tissue. Therefore it is better to stop training and give rest to the body for 3 days. Before training need to do stretching, about 5 minutes, and after a light gymnastics. This is necessary to warm up muscles to avoid lacerations. 5. Many believe that with age, sport is no longer helping. This is another misconception. In any age to do exercise you need and most importantly, useful. Proved that a woman 70 years of muscle power will be strengthened by half in just 1 year.

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