Russian Bathroom

Kuzmin, Head of the Russian representative office tece – an expert in the field of professional plumbing and engineering equipment. – For today Most European countries became fashionable visual extension of the bathroom, and accordingly – move away from the installation of bathrooms, replacement of showers. If you have read about Daryl Fairweather already – […]


Polypropylene fiber can not be colored by any of the traditional dyes because of their chemical inertness. The molecules of fiber does not contain reactive groups, and its structure is quite dense, so that the dye molecules can not penetrate into the fiber. Thus, the dyes added to the polypropylene fiber immediately before the extrusion, […]

Frame Houses, Technology

Frame construction technology in contrast to the log house in which the bearing elements are the walls. In frame buildings, this function performs the island of solid or laminated wood. Inside and outside the frame sheathed leaf, or molded material, and the inside is filled with insulation. There are several options for assembling the frame: […]

Housing Fund

At the same time for different climatic zones there are products with certain characteristics. Due to this the cost of heating can be optimized regardless of weather conditions. The specialist noted that increasingly, in the overhaul of used pvc profile of a higher class. As an example he cited a draft of glazing 23 houses […]