Housing Fund

At the same time for different climatic zones there are products with certain characteristics. Due to this the cost of heating can be optimized regardless of weather conditions. The specialist noted that increasingly, in the overhaul of used pvc profile of a higher class. As an example he cited a draft of glazing 23 houses in Moscow, completed in late March of this year. When it implementation used in window construction, made of five-chamber profile Proplex-Premium, and quad Proplex-Comfort. "These systems have a mounting depth of 70 millimeters and have higher sound and heat insulation properties (resistance to heat transfer rate – 0.84 and 0.79 m2 * C / W) "- says Roman (PROPLEKS). An additional measure to reduce losses is the use of insulation materials, including systems ventilated facades (SVF).

For example, in Volgodonsk (Rostov region) were thus insulated 33 houses. It is possible to solve the perennial problem of freezing front walls prefabricated apartment buildings in winter period. According to information provided by the Housing Fund the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Rostov region, saving an apartment owner to pay for electricity as a result of not using heaters after installation of nvf is about 3 thousand rubles a year. Profitable investment need insulation facade is obvious to the residents. But at the same time, they are not always well known that a significant portion utility bills sent to the maintenance and operation of engineering systems at home (heating, water, etc.). By contrast, modern units are installed instead of the old power-consuming counterparts, can significantly reduce electricity costs.

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