Energy Price Increase? Not With VALUE5 ENERGY!

Energy prices rise VALUE5 ENERGY reveals how to effectively save energy, save money it encounters amid the financial crisis especially Germany again the very hard way. As the potential of our purses would still not enough are maxed out, the Energiepreisschock meets us a week before the start of the Christmas season. As is well […]

Wiesbaden Congress

DENEX linked specialized conferences with technical exhibition for the second time the Congress Exhibition DENEX is dedicated to that on 8th, + July 9th in Wiesbaden will be held, the question, as the power of large buildings such as hospitals, hotels, administrative buildings, offices and larger settlement structures and communities can be sustainably and efficiently […]


In the summer, have to stay sometimes stick feel to the Chair? Especially city residents on the upper floors sue each summer of the monkeys heat. The city makes with your huge storage capacity of asphalt and concrete to the foehn wind each cool Luftlerl and also in the night, barely cooling is noticeable. Often, […]