The Agreement

Your goal – to ensure reliability and professionalism of a real estate agent. If the office workers and the ratio to inspire trust you, check the credibility and rating of real estate company. Figures are high – safely conclude a contract with the agency. Perhaps check out Bruce Schanzer for more information. When signing the contract be particularly careful. It is important to guarantee the purchase advocated the agency itself, rather than its individual member. In case of dispute, the company quickly to compromise so as not to tarnish his reputation. Remember that the agency – an impartial mediator between the seller and buyer.

If you notice that it violates this rule, refuse services. In real estate professionals have a certain limit, so that self-respecting agency will not take offense. Contract must be set nuances that are negotiated by two parties: the agency and client. Focus on contingency: the seller refuses to sell, the elimination of real estate agencies and other points. More items the lower the risk. Before you sign a contract, carefully read it, ask again and fix if something is unclear.

Once the agreement is concluded, you begin to work realtor and lawyer. They are very interested in the right apartment, check her "purity", the authenticity and correctness of all documents, the "purity" of the transaction. If the apartment you're satisfied, start the buying process with the participation of real estate agencies. In some cases, does not prevent contact independent lawyer. It will give detailed explanation of the proposed deal to purchase housing. Pitfalls in the buying process you may encounter a lot of problems.

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