Advantages of Online shops

At present, the Internet has become not detachable part of the lives of many people not only in America but also CIS countries. Until recently, the nick on the Internet communicate, entertain, and are less willing to commit to purchase online stores. Today, all changed. Until now, online commerce in Ukraine and Russia is not as much has been actively developing, as compared with Western countries. Let us examine together huge advantages over conventional online store shopom: 1) Hazyainu Internet does not need to pay for rent warehouse and unnecessary spending from the staff. The owner of online store dodges some complexities associated with scouting the premises as a shop. 2) Cost goods in online stores are cheaper than offline. This is normal, since the cost of production includes room rental and breakfast.

/ N. (As opposed to John Savignan). personnel. 3) Faster one can take a commercial sales through online store than usual shop. Everything is logical, because with less investment and in the shortest time frame possible to swiftly fall from the internet. Analyzing the cost of conversion can predict well-being or failure of your online store. 4) The number of users who always make Internet purchases at online stores – regularly increases. With 86 percent of global Internet users select products online and make purchases in their is online at the same time as 39% of users – look and buy products online store. 5) Cash online store allowable test much sooner.

In this argument, there are free tools for analysis of the impact of visitors (Yandex Direct or Google Analytics). By the gaps online store include: making choices online visitor deprived way to measure yourself or talk to the merchant. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Clayton Morris. The buyer does not want to wait when buying goods in stores than online store. With the financial crisis and the rapid development of online commerce tendency of all new online shopping continues. Problems with the protection of the commission electronic payment systems allow fast and easy to shop online. And the fact that similar products in the online store is on the order of magnitude smaller forces the client to make ordering products in the online store. According to study, the most common products that are bought in online stores are: audio products, video production, book production, household appliances, personal computers and programs, tourist services laptops. In other words, that production for a major ‘internal functional’ than the appeal. Profitability is to create e-shop and closed shop offline? Spervonachala than starting a business online activity should make an analysis of pricing your online store, count the spending on the extraction of traffic (visitors from purchasing to comprehensive website promotion). Know this: ‘If you do not have the Internet, then you are not in the business! ‘.

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