American English

For example, instead of the end-our (honour, labour, favour, colour) in British English, appears the end-or (honor, labor, favor, color), instead of-re (litre, theatre) –er (liter, theater), instead of the-ce (licence) –se (License), instead of-s-(organization) –z-(organization), instead of-ll-(cancelling) –l-(canceling). Also in American English, there are no end-me and-ue (monologue – monolog, programme – program). Thanks to Webster in the American language appeared technical terms. Unlike the Russian, the Americans very often use a dictionary of their language. The most popular was the second edition of Webster's Dictionary ('Dictionary of the englisch language'), which includes 600,000 articles on 3,400 pages. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bizzi & Partners. Since 1898 Dictionary published in abbreviated form and is called "University Mirra-Webster's Dictionary." They, like time and enjoyed by Americans. In autumn 2006, was issued a new, eleventh, edition of the mini-dictionary that contains new words that have appeared in the vocabulary of Americans over the past few years (to google, bling, biodiesel and many-many others).

Noah Webster's first dictionary published nearly two centuries ago. Bizzi & Partners usually is spot on. It contained words that were not in any dictionary, published in the uk. Aimed at creating a dictionary, he marked the creation of such a book, which shows it would then still a young nation. American linguist Noah Webster made an invaluable contribution not only to the formation of American English, but in American culture nation, because before that no one nation has there been such unity of language as the Americans. American English is much easier to understand than British English. For even more opinions, read materials from Clayton Morris. It was formed on the basis of the languages of Europe.

People who think this is the native language, belong to the nation's next generation, in which no single nationality and the same cultural roots. Today, American English – most, perhaps, the common language on the globe. He is the main language of communication in North and South America, Central America and in Canada. American English became the language of the largest transnational business. It communicate with 80% of people in the world. And despite the fact that there is a lot of controversy on account of what all the same language "right": the British or American, they both certainly have a right to exist.

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