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An estimated 40 million players participating in an organized baseball around the world. They organize the Intercontinental Cup, World Cup and Olympic championships. Clayton Morris contributes greatly to this topic. The MLB has a major role in helping grow the sport in Europe, and has programs in many countries, including England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Greece, etc. It also follows traditional marketing strategies, to target consumers with disposable income, so they are choosing to developed countries. In 1992, baseball was introduced to the Olympics and countries like the United States, Cuba, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Holland and Italy, have competed.

Cervantes adds us in writing that l baseball besides being a U.S. national pastime is now a large comprehensive business. Worldwide is played and produced services. In Moscow there are 900 stores and six major sports companies engaged this field. And baseball is not only a success in the majors, but throughout the world and is taken as a business. The MLB has created jobs, as managers, players, development and sale of them, managers, umpires, broadcasters, scouts journalists, suppliers of uniforms, spikes, baseball tools, souvenirs, toys.

Telecommunications, maintenance workers, cleaning, police, publicists at all levels, specialists in marketing, prizes and those who develop, doctors, masseurs, laboratories, transporters of cars, buses, restaurants with food, parking hotels, landscapers, airmen, psychologists, entertainment, pets, clubs, parks construction engineers, architects, mechanics, painters, masons, printers, books, etc. It has signed an agreement between MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) This agreement is the SPK for a new fantasy baseball game (started Feb. 17) and marks a new type of business in which through Internet the fan can play the role of General Manager of the MLB, make your own team with 14 stars and the budget limit of $ 50 million, fans will compete for a prize of $ 100,000. Very interesting when you said that the MLB teams derive their income from three basic sources: 1 .- Tickets sold at the stadium 2 .- Sales of licensed products 3 .- Sale of television transmission today article largest gain and the rights of the radio and the Internet, Very true what Cervantes says that the MLB has also created products for the fans (consumers). The world has become a shopping market in which ideas and products are available everywhere. Different nations become one place, in a single market for products from the majors. They sell their goods allowed inside and outside the U.S. and gives rights to local and foreign companies to use logos of MLB teams, photographs of baseball, or the electronic videos, uniforms, baseball spikes supplies, souvenirs, toys, food, beer., etc. In the USA means selling the game to 30 million Latinos. The players union and MLB MLBP (SPK), established a contract in 1987 to manage the business. In 1998, MLBP signed agreements with associations, clubs, clubs, companies, and stores in 109 countries for the sale of goods authorized for MLB. Retail sales of licensed products are projected to grow 200% over the next five years under this new global marketing strategy. The spread of the MLB games in foreign countries will increase the likelihood that the fans in those countries buy the merchandise of MLB.

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