Can’t Get Over this Winter Weather

I’m a Minnesota girl at heart, so it’s still so hard for me to believe that it’s winter each year here in California.  I mean, come on! I’m still wearing shorts some days, and we are out on the courts playing tennis for hours at a time without frost bite.

It’s like a dream come true for someone from the Midwest.  This must be the best kept secret in the world – or I would think that everyone who lives in a freezing cold place would have flocked here already.

Yes, I miss those white Christmas dinners (sorry I’m not there mom!) but they simply can’t compare with getting a suntan on December 24th here in Ojai, or walking around in flimsy skirts and shorts on a winter’s eve.

Gotta love this California thing. Just don’t tell too many people or our little slice of heaven will get too crowded!  Come to think of it…maybe I shouldn’t post this blog.  Hmmmm….

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