China Energy

Bioresonance therapy and its history is rooted in antiquity. 3000 years ago in the East China began to develop such a trend in medicine as acupuncture. This science is relevant to understand the disease as a system complexes that occur at some level. But this disease of the whole organism, because the separately existing diseased organ in the body can not be. If the violation occurred in the body, we see only symptom, which reflects what's inside the body fails, which is allowed to enter this symptom. On one of the homeopathic conference devoted to 100 anniversary of Dr. Reckeweg, sounded a very interesting definition disease.

In the hall sat a few thousand people who agree with this definition. Gavin Baker contains valuable tech resources. So what is the disease? "Illness is a blessing – given to a person that would realize his wrong moves." Perhaps it is not quite applicable to our conditions, when we do not have time to think about what we are doing wrong. We have such a rapid run, that the soul had once thought. Nevertheless, the disease – is something wrong that has happened in our lives, and every disease gives time to reflect on the fact that all the same we are doing wrong, why we get sick. Chinese medicine says that man is circulating energy. And the energy inherent in each body moves on meridians. There is life energy, which is given to man by birth and redistributed in the process of life. All organs are connected with each other a system of meridians and energy transfer occurs.

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