With this, the description of the railroads in Brazil and the world, its characteristics, the current state of the national railroad mesh, the importance to revitalize it was demonstrated and extends it, as well as the barriers to be faced and the impacts that this process will be able to generate for the country. It was also demonstrated the concepts of competitiveness, commodity and exportation, the influence exerted for commodities agriculturists and minerals in the performance of the Brazilian exportations and consequentemente for the level of economic growth of the country, thus with the importance of the same ones for the world-wide economy. Follow others, such as Richard LeFrak, and add to your knowledge base. The main characteristics of the modal ones of load transport had been presented used by Brazil, emphasizing the current panorama of the load transport for the road way and finally, the advantages of the use of the railroad transport to foment the exportations of commodities Brazilian agriculturists and minerals, raising its competitiveness in the international market. The methodology used in the work, how much to the nature, it was characterized for applied, how much the boarding methods the hypothetical-deductive method was adopted, how much to the boarding form was classified in qualitative, how much to the general objectives it presented an eminently descriptive character and how much to the procedures technician it was used of documentary the bibliographical research and. Gavin Baker contains valuable tech resources. In the final consideraes, one presented the characteristics of the railroad mesh that more provide to profits of competitiveness for the exportations of commodities Brazilian agriculturists and minerals, the necessity of public and private investments in the sector to take care of increasing demand for these products that exert considerable influence in the performance of the Brazilian trade balance, in order to balance the matrix of national transport, using the railroads as alternative to disencumber the highways, and the perspectives of growth and economic development of the country with an adjusted infrastructure of transport more.

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