Construction Engineering & Garages – Innovative Solutions For Parking Problems

A modern city project is more than just a parking lot if you the expertise of real estate experts, engineering brings together specialists and professionals for parking garages, then let innovative city projects materialize. The Wohr company + peasant has solved many parking problem in the city centers. A large part of our population lives in cities, such as Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt. Many residents use public transport, but traffic within cities is quite large. In the cities also numerous offices, medical facilities, law firms, shopping or similar plants are located, which have a rain inflow of visitors. Who has an appointment to an Office or in a hospital in the city centre or just in the pedestrian area and the old town would like to stroll comfortably, usually spends much of the time with finding parking. Some drivers respond eventually annoyed and Park the car once in the red zone. A speeding tickets or even the towing of the vehicle are then the result and lead to additional trouble.

This problem is concerned of course, the city planner. The solution is not always easy and often leads to heated discussions. On the one hand may not blighted the city image, on the other, visitors will find a parking place as stress-free as possible. Experts in civil engineering can help. The construction of modern underground will create many additional parking spaces in the underground. If there no longer are enough capacity on the surface, other ways must be sought to Dodge. Of course, the construction of an underground car park is a great challenge that requires expertise and specialized knowledge. It must be ensured a good ventilation.

In addition, a sophisticated lighting management must provide optimal lighting. In addition, the natural conditions are taken into account such as soil conditions and groundwater. The construction of an underground car park is a very complex matter. That the Dodge underground an option is, however many positive examples in many inner cities.

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