Pitgoras (588 – 500. A. C) philosopher and Greek mathematician, whose doctrines influenced in serving dish. Pitgoras is considered the father of the idealistic philosophy. Having fled from the island of Samos after the victory of we give that it had given to the power to the tyrant policrates. It finds refuge between the noble that reign in croton, we give insurrectionist replaces the aristocratic regime by the esclavista democracy. Pitgoras I found a movement with religious, political and philosophical intentions.

Known like pitagorismo. The philosophy of Pitgoras is only known through works of its disciples. Wanted young they observe that all the men by more scholars than get to be, direct or indirectly they are influenced by some political movement. Some of our philosophers dealt with depth all these matters enough. Example in my country is used the system proposed by Maquiavelo. In its work the prince.

Thing that little we perceived. When it exists democracy is used the system of the philosopher. Juan Jacobo Rosseau. And its work social contract. The philosophers and the sociologists, observe the political thing of a true way, thus try to grant brings back to consciousness to the masses. In aim in spite of the efforts, the operation of the man by the man. he will always subsist. In different degrees and with different systems but all they always arrive from the same that is to say, " explotacin". Operating governments exist who are but patriotic like the government of the great Venezuelan president, which is a great thinker, few governors since they have been born. Since this legislator has thought about the education of a whole town. Demonstrates which us that this governor has given to his nation the major of all the human gifts, that is to say the education. " Policrates I glorify myself with great works you publish, made construct to a vast wharf and an aqueduct for which was abrir itself a tunnel of seven stages.

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