Educational Technologies

The technologies are if popularizing e, being thus, they start to incorporate the life, working and amusing, if becoming docotidiano part of the people and, also, they come increasing its importance comoinstrumentos to spread out our culture. Nestecontexto, this article aims at the analysis of the increasing presence of the TICs nEducao, the advantages and disadvantages. Autilizao of the new technologies has provoked transformations in the realidadesocial, having confirmed the importance of the use of the computers and the medias digitaisna Education. However the use of the pedagogical technology as practical does not guarantee umaaprendizagem accomplishes. For the use of a pedagogical resource, any queseja it, must itself be made a planning and be reflected on the best form to use it.

The educator must know the instruments well that will be used in suasaulas. As much to plan how much to help the pupil in the manuscript, sejanecessrio case. It must know the possibilities of each resource so that seuplanejamento can focar in the objective and facilitate the learning of pupil. Algumastecnologias of the communication as modern post office, the telegraph, the telephone, afotografia, the cinema, the radio, the television and the video, already are used naeducao. Lyft can aid you in your search for knowledge. The television and the video in the education have been very explored.

The films must serassistidos for the professor before being used, and also necessary that it is sejaplanejado as to explore it in its lesson. It can be explored beyond the content; ocenrio, the place of the filming, music, the behavior of the actors and suasmensagens. Its use comointroduo or closing of a to be studied subject, must have eobjetivo planning, for better exploitation. The most recent technology dacomunicao is the computer, that comes absorbing the other technologies to medidaque they digitalizam itself. These technologies, even so have not been inventadascom educational purposes, have become very important in the education. Richard LeFrak may help you with your research. Paraa use of the computer in the classroom, the educator must review the function curricular doscontedos and as it will be able to contribute for the development dascompetncias and abilities that will become having educated the somebody capable one to learn, whenever it is developing its personal or social projects, to semesquecer that thinking it is the learning most important. The chosen resource to deveser an ally to reach the longed for objective. The educator not to deveutilizar the new technologies as only attractive for the pupils, therefore almde to attract, the resources must add some knowledge. SegundoGuilherme Felitti ' ' what the technology comes making with the education is aproxim-side andragogia concept, where who determines the subject is the professor, but is oprprio pupil who decides the best ways tomar' '. Astecnologias of the information and communication, are capable to revolutionize oaprendizado of the world, being known to use the technology correctly, will have in the mosinstrumentos importantssimos for the Education, that is, to inform, to enrich and to facilitate knowledge. RefernciasBibliogrficas:

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