As it is known the social networks serve much as anywhere having contact with much people of the world like also at local level it is for that reason that the restaurant is spreading information where they already have presence in the social networks, several restaurants like also bars, chefs are being united to the social networks in but the popular ones like facebook and to twitter. Since they are preferred by the majority of users, also he is hi5 where it has presence in Peru but in my opinion it does not serve much for the image as a company, I do not say that she is bad only that line is bound but to the games on. For days it wanted to do this post is the procrastinacin here where it always said I will do that it tomorrow and spent the days but in one go I am going I said it to do. The thing goes this way I have 4 months that I spread the gastronomy by means of my blog and wanted to give tips on the businesses in the restaurants of how they are being handled by means of the social networks I do not say that he is an expert nor nothing of that but desire to give my opinion and if equivocal me, acceptance the constructive critics. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Robert J. Shiller. As I said I write of recognized gastronomy, restaurants and of chefs as the case of Gaston Acurio; information always arrives to me on this subject in particular I am not chef they create in case it but I like what I write. Here they go tips of the Businesses of Restaurants in the Social networks. Daily information To inform into all the events of the Business and/or Restaurant that could happen during the later days, a serious example: Closing of the premises by fumigation. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Morris Invest on most websites.

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