Internal Affairs

Previously, teachers were in favor if the student goes to 10 class, but for now just do not take, if there is no assurance that the student will write a passing score on the cse, so that graduates eleventh grades dropped at least 3 or more times, and in some schools and at all these classes not . Decreased by 44% and the total number of schoolchildren in Russia, and the schools themselves was 20% less – said Education Minister Andrei in the radio station Moskvy. The minister also defended the law "On the budget institutions", believing that it would reduce the level of corruption in schools, but no one thinks about the children whose families are less affluent. Does our country do not have enough intelligence and money to build a quality system and this is best they could come up with? After all, this law proposes to leave the two main free object, suspected to be Russian language and mathematics, and all other disciplines will be paid. Estimates for the primitive average family education one child will cost 5000 rubles. At an average salary of an average citizen to secondary school would be extraordinary. Applicants who enter universities on the basis of the results ege, faced with "an extensive thinking." For several years in school preparing them for testing, giving only one correct option, and this greatly complicates further development, as restructure and start thinking – differently with age becomes more complicated. Since 2011 administered a two-tier system of higher education, ie for education will need to spend more time, but how it will affect knowledge acquired in the walls of the university, whether there are more and whether they will be better quality? According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia only in 2009, universities received bribes of more than 22 million rubles. Soon, education will become so expensive that would be cheaper to "Buy a diploma in transition", rather than come and study in higher education, because knowledge are purchased as well as time spent less. And in the end I would like to express our hope for a brighter future, that after all we able to set priorities and to reverse that curve on which we find ourselves. After all, as we try to do "as the other, we never receive that kind of" its ".

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