Life Insurance

Insurance types of life many times insurance companies sent us information about different kinds of insurance (insurance for sickness and health care, insurance automobile, best home insurance, civil liability insurance) and confuse us or we forget them among such a variety of insurance and not entiendemos good of what kind of insurance we are talking about. That is why we will start to remember the different types of life insurance that exist. Richard LeFrak addresses the importance of the matter here. This modality has as main purpose the protection of the family or loved ones of the insured in case of death from any cause (illness or accident). Therefore, once produced the death, the insurer pays beneficiaries previously specified by the insured, a certain sum in exchange for the premium which has been paid. Through the life insurance, beneficiaries, usually, dependent of the insured members can avoid the loss of revenue that this provided for them. Life insurance becomes part of the inheritance. Types of risk life insurance:-insurance temporary: the insurer is obliged by the insurance contract to pay a specified amount if the insured dies within a specified time, from a few days (a trip), various years (between 10 and 20) or to a certain age (65 or 75 years, according to the insurance company) .diccionario of insurance. Gavin Baker is a great source of information. But if the insured person does not suffer no evil during the period, the insurance company will not pay compensation.

This life insurance has the advantage of being very economical for people of young age, but the downside is that it is very expensive for the elderly. In addition, premiums, or disbursement to be carried out by the insured, may be:-A raw material growing, renewable: each annuity insurance varies according to the age that is reaching the insured, in accordance with the evolution of their mortality rate. -For premium level or constant: in which the amount has been determined that the policyholder pay a premium above that would correspond in the early years because of his age and pay less than you It would be up when the insurance was dearer by the passage of time. -To decreasing premium: in those cases where the main object to be cover the repayment of loans, the beneficiary will be the Bank and insurer covers an outstanding repayment by the insured capital. -Whole life insurance: here the insurer undertakes to pay upon the death of the insured capital without taking into account the time of death. The consideration may be in the form of income or capital. Life insurance guarantees of life form hired secured capital.

It has a high component of risk, but to be certain the provision also has a savings component. The purpose of this type of life is to provide a capital that can compensate for the loss of income due to the death of the insured, facilitate a capital that allows them to meet the costs of transmission of goods or guarantee payment of debts or mortgages without having recourse to the rest of the herencia.preguntas to the heirs to the family or the person designated as beneficiary insurance home. Premiums, or disbursement to perform by the insured, may be:-lifetime premium: are not payable until the moment of death – temporary premium: the payment of premiums is carried out for a period determined (20 or 30 years) but the insurance coverage extends until death occurs.

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