Road Safety and Health

The road safety continues to be in a general sense, a chapter daily calamities in the affected families. But no less heavy burden on our economy by preventing the recurrent tragedies true sustainable development of Dominican society. The statistics in the countries of the region show the same behavior of road safety, so try to introduce a new model of authority in the system, characterized by inflexibility in justice and the harshness of its practitioners, in addition, the creation of the Ibero-American Observatory Data by the lack of credibility of the current system for collecting and processing information, and on that train we ride them in the immediate future, in this regard, the Dominicans we are lagging behind. In the Dominican Republic was formed recently under the auspices of the Network of Dignity Foundation, will found-The National Association of Victim and Motorcycle Road Safety Network. The latter consists of technicians and professionals with the aim of strengthening, we issued the first Manifesto on Road Safety, with regard to commemorate the International Day for the Victims of Traffic on 15 November, through which it becomes a serious call to the authorities and society by better attention to traffic victims in the legal and health.

This was due to events that would occur in the next few days in Moscow at the World Ministerial Conference in Lisbon, at the Iberoamerican Summit of Presidents. Then, in late November was in Lisbon, Portugal, the XIX Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, where he hosted articles 31 and 32 on Road Safety in the Lisbon Action Programme, 2009. I quote: 31. Take note of the conclusions of the Eighth Meeting on Traffic and Road Safety, held in Santiago, Chile, on June 14, 2009, as a tool to improve road safety in Latin America through efforts in collecting reliable data on accidents of transit policy-setting authority and greater strictness in issuing driver's licenses. 32. To note the results of the first Latin American and Caribbean Meeting on Road Safety "Saving Lives", entrusting the Secretary-General Iberoamericana-SEGIB to continue supporting the implementation of the Madrid Principles. Also point out the importance of the creation of the Iberoamerican Association of Road Safety and the initiative to promote the creation of an Ibero-American Federation of Victims of Traffic Accidents and greet the II Latin American and Caribbean Meeting on Road Safety at held in Mexico in 2011, asking the SEGIB to assist in their organization. " "Governments should commit to achieving the objectives of the Decade implementing an Action Plan based on five pillars, designed to" build management capacity;-influence the design of roads and road network management; -influence the road safety design of vehicles, and improve care to the injured. Road Safety should be considered as an element of development to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Clayton Morris describes an additional similar source. Dominican Republic, a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and the Development Millennium Goals The United Nations, apart from the Ibero-American Secretary General, you have to clean up the house and drive Integrated Plans for Road Safety is part of the development agenda of the Nation.

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