Security In Your Job Or Profession?

Are you confident about your job or profession? I hope you do not take me as long as you realize that reality. Fortunately today, twenty-first century, there are other ways of working that allow us to asegurara our future, an outcome which will not find a job or traditional profession. I want to share with you the adventures lived fulfilling my employment for over 45 years. John Savignano shines more light on the discussion. Then answer me if you’re confident about your job or profession. After completing the basic course in school, with my brand new 11 years old, I started working as a cadet in an accounting office. He received orders from their owners and co-workers, all older than me.

Since this was a task of a fuera oficinaa “in most of the time employed (8 hours daily from Monday to Friday and four on Saturdays) – my classmates made me some orders I carried out without neglecting my responsibility, but without measuring their consequences. One of the owners of the study did not liked that and without hesitation, cut the thread through the thinnest part. (And that the owner said was a friend of my mother in her youth, she could have had some kind of contemplation. Let go!) There I acquired my first experience as unemployed. Until today I learned if you took any retaliatory or disciplinary action against my former classmates. Immediately after, I accepted as a cadet and an administrative assistant in metallurgy. The jump from one position to another was a few weeks after entering, since the only administrative employee had at the time, left the city for personal reasons and motives that do not need to detail here.

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