Real Estate

Today the headlines are full of ads advertising banks – 'Mortgage'! But not all the praise this kind of lending. Stand whether the banks as cheaters or people themselves are not well acquainted with the rules lending. Robert Speyer shines more light on the discussion. In general, be that as it may, there are satisfied […]

Nordea Bank

Compared with November, average market rate in U.S. dollars declined 0.34 percentage points and in absolute terms amounted to 12.93% * (November 2010: 13.27% *). Lower interest rates for the purchase of apartments in the primary real estate market due to lower interest rates in a number of banks (Gazprombank, Nordea Bank). * Minimum interest […]


He traced the dynamic career growth, according to which the rising and incomes. A significant proportion of young clients is in the marital relationship, some have kids. For even more analysis, hear from John Savignano. Part of them at first to help parents. Young borrowers are usually also differ on such objective criteria as the […]

“Pawnshops In The New World. Pawnshop And Mortgage Lombard

Reflexivity, maturity, security, payment … Crediting arose simultaneously with the appearance of money, and possibly earlier. – Since then – a man can not refuse the opportunity to get what you want now, but pay later. Credits gained wide popularity in the modern world. – Developed credit market contributes to the development of a market […]