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In signing the treaty before rent an apartment, the landlord must provide upon request the employer the right to place the document on the flat and the passport owner. If the owner of passing apartment and found that it operated properly, then the sequence of his actions should be as follows: 1. verbal / written warning, then fines may be imposed; 2. call in the real estate agency, 3. announcement date of eviction; 4. appeal to the court.

In practice, of those who decided to rent an apartment, rarely goes to extremes. This is explained by the fact that passing the flat, almost none of the owners do not pay taxes. After removing the flat owner shall pay a tax of 13% of the rental amount. This amount may seem not so significant if we take into account the fact that in many western countries, tax rate reaches 50%. If you rent an apartment will tax evasion, and this fact will reveal, the owner is waiting for a considerable fine. Well as surrendering the apartment without paying taxes can be subjected to blackmail by both the employer and from neighbors and acquaintances.

To rent apartment without paying taxes is easy, but if I have any problems with the employer, the court does not everyone decides to go. Difficulties and have an employer who is clearing the apartment, she can not obtain registration. Pay taxes is not so difficult as it seems. Once a year submit a declaration to the tax. Filling it should indicate the source of income, the income and tax. In addition to rent an apartment that is legal can be considerably more expensive. Even before rent an apartment a good idea to insure it. Insurance allows you to rent an apartment to avoid losses at many risks. Insurance becomes especially relevant in cases where the owner lives far away, and when the damage neither involved nor that of any other party, neither the owner nor the tenant. For example, in the event of flooding, residents at the top. Municipal programs cover only the restoration of the apartment walls, but are not designed to compensate property. It is advisable to rent an apartment and to insure the civil liability of an employer and a separate property which is located in the apartment. Such insurance is especially true for luxury apartments. Typically, large real estate companies are able to offer a choice of several packages of insurance services.

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